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    GTA 5 Wishlist

    basicly what I would like to see is Gta london 1969 re-made. that would be so cool london in the 60s
  2. BULL

    Missing Island...

    this proberly has been said already i cant be bothered to read the whole lot, the map looks like a beta map coz flint county is linked with los santos EDIT. oops its just up the page
  3. BULL


    I am inclined to agree with the above, as u see it all the time in the desert.
  4. BULL

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    BUGGER I only just brought it.
  5. BULL

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Do ya think it would run on my laptop Acer aspire 5315 Vista basic intel celron 540 252mbmobile intel graphic media x3100 1gb ddr2 80gig hd
  6. BULL

    another idiot making GTA IV blamed

    I think he was useing gta4 as an excuse because your not gonna go to the airport and jack a plane and when they catch you, oh i was just seeing as if it was as easy as san andreas. i think he wanted to jack a cab and thought he would use the game as an excuse. just my 2p
  7. BULL


    SORRY OFF TOPIC ooooo shite... why didnt sumone tell me, doi have to start again now, im on the last mission and hvent done any sides.
  8. Thinking ahead here I wonder if they will do little havana wars or soming like that
  9. BULL

    Pole Posistion

    if u build an empire protection ring the biggest one there is a pole dancer in that
  10. BULL

    How many GTA SA mods do you have?

    I had pretty much everything until my pc crashed and lost everything. I even had new insides of shops etc
  11. can some one plz show me on a map where this 'alleged' cave is?
  12. BULL

    art work

    Hi Does anyone have the vcs artwork of the guy on the quad with the gun on his back and his cap coming off, in large/hq??? thanks
  13. wot theres no chainsaw or mini gun my opinion of this great game is going down even more :'(
  14. BULL

    art work

    Thanks thats something. i couldnt find it on google
  15. BULL

    Annihilator with rockets

    the one i flew with cheats had rockets
  16. BULL

    this is new

    I have seen that before somewhere.
  17. Found this, thought lance might blame for keeping the cocanine and is that it at the start of vc? Now What i think is r* changed their minds of what vic lookd like and made pete up to say that he was the one killed instead of vic. End of article about vcs on wiki Vic and Lance both decide to leave Vice City, to lay low for a while off of the large profits made from Vic's business. Before they leave via helicopter, Lance mentions that has gotten hold of 20 kilograms of cocaine and has stashed it out of town, but Vic angrily tells him to get rid of it. Vice City Victor "Vic" Vance first appeared in the opening cutscene of Vice City, in which he was killed by gunmen during an ill-fated drug exchange with Tommy Vercetti, one of the only (along with Lance Vance) survivors of the attack. In his first appearance, Victor speaks in a distinctly Latin accent. Victor's death staged the rest of the game's events, forcing Vercetti to root out the men responsible and re-acquire the 20 kilograms of cocaine and money he lost. Victor returned to Vice City in the titular game, set two years after Vice City Stories, to sell cocaine to mobsters who were looking to gain a foothold in Vice City's drug market. Vic and Lance were brought out of drug-selling retirement by Ken Rosenberg, who was acting under orders from his mob associates to locate a dealer from out of town.[1] Rosenberg was allegedly referred to the Vance brothers through Colonel Cortez. It is assumed that the 20 k's of cocaine that Vic was going to sell to Vercetti are the same drugs that Lance had been sitting on since the conclusion of Vice City Stories.
  18. BULL

    Least Favourite Mission

    The one with the fork lift and wharehouse, boome shine blowout i think.
  19. This is from the gta vc website, and it clearly says, victor vance, head of vance crime etc OWNLY 2 MEMBERS. What i think is r* changed their minds of what vic lookd like and made pete up to say that he was the one killed instead of vic, so they could make vic look differt that in VC. No where on there does it mention pete. Me is cleva
  20. BULL

    Im sad.... Because of the ending

    oh man thats gay i mean i thought it would be something good. from my experiance and what i have just read gta4 isnt as good as i hoped it would be *runs for cover to shelther from bricks and cans* but the graphics are amazing.
  21. Played gta4 today on ps3 and OH MY GOD its amazing my mate paid 50quid for it and they sent 2 i begged him to give it me but as i havent got nything to play it on he didnt, the cars arnt as fast as i had hoped and the nrg is worefully slow. but it was fun
  22. BULL

    Not as i had hoped

    its the feltzer i think cars like those drove quite well but the turismo didnt the huntly sport is amazing. Un fortunaly i was plaing it at a mates house so i couldnt plays for long like 2hrs i thinkI miss it already :'( .
  23. I nearly got a asus eeepc but I got a better laptop with vista for the same amount.
  24. A really detailed vice city would be so cool.
  25. OK I have a clean vice city and mp3 the latesed I think all works fine until join a server and the mp slash screen comes up and loads to about 7/8ths just a lil bit more and it makes and annoying noise unhandleed exeption and all that C***, and closes what have I done wrong??? I have no mods I have reinstalled about 6 times whats wrong plz help!!!! DONT WORRY ANY MORE I CANT BE BOTHERED AND HAVE GONE BACK TO PLAYING SA ON PS2