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  1. Hello,to all the members of the gang scene, I just want to check to see how everythings going, is there anything that needs to be brought to my attention?

  2. Hello, I have been away for some time now so forgive me for that, does anyone have any questions, and is there anything that needs to be brought to my attention? if so please tell me.

  3. Just so you know, I am not mad at anyone, I hate having to yell at you guys, but something had to be said.

    So lets just start working on making improvements and turn the gang community into a more User friendly place. :)

  4. Alright, for the past couple of weeks alot of Problems have been arising, and quite frankly its getting on my nerves, there have been reports of gang spying, PM advertising and just overall Bitching and It needs to stop, I try to be nice and fair, but if this keeps going on I may have to take a more harsh apporach and I honestly Do not want to do that, So please everyone, Learn to get along, Stop doing things that YOU know are wrong and try to keep order to the gang scene,I am not here 24/7 I have alot of stuff going on in my life, so I won't always be able to come and close every single little topic thats made, So I also need YOU the Gang community as a whole to try and Keep order,and remember, I May be the gang supervisor But I am not the only moderator here, if you do need help and I am not here I am sure one of the other SuperMods would be willing to help, I honestly Don't want to sound like im being an ass but, this crap needs to stop, Ok? ;)

    Thank you. ^_^

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