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  1. TO be hinest once you have finished the and seen most of the cool sites there nothing to do, its aliitle bit of a let down i think. Its kinda boring without planes an the multiplayer isnt as awesome as i thought.

    when u finished and done all of the side missions what else is there to do?

    The problem with you is you expect way too much from a game.

    It has easily 40+ hours of gameplay, you beat it... you buy a new game.

  2. Yes, too bad they don't become brand new after you put them there, I wrecked my infernus :(

    Not only do they get repaired, but they get washed, too.

    You just have to shut off the console. When you come back they will be fixed and washed.

    No, you just need to park, save at your apartment, then go into your menu and reload the game.

  3. Does anyone else think these bike chase missions where the person you're chasing is invincible until you get to a certain point is completely retarded? I'm fucking emptying clips into these guys backs and they don't die unless you get to a certain spot in the chase where they slow down

  4. Here's my point I'm trying to get across, the ONLY reason somebody would not like the driving system, is because they suck at it.

    Of course they are not going to admit this, and will say they want it to be boring and easy like previous GTA's, but that is of course not the case.

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