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  1. Customizable cars, new cheats like no cops, low gravity etc... and the ability to use them in private free roam matches.
  2. Apparently none of you noobs have heard of spoilers
  3. http://www.myspace.com/scottalexander_no1
  4. You have to let more ingame time progess, go to your hotel and sleep for a few days
  5. You've probably missed one of the missions that involves going on the internet and emailing somebody
  6. You're supposed to get hit by the rocket, it's a scripted event, you just need to hang in there and keep flying, eventually a cutscene happens.
  7. Here's what I do, I go around the LEFT side of the building, I get on the helicopter platform, then I snipe the 2ND last guy, then the last guy appears and he's running towards me, and I just shoot him.
  8. The problem is people sit on their computers all day before the game is launched, reading about it and building it up in their heads to be something that no game can be.
  9. This is truth. IMO the only people bashing this games driving is kids who have never driven a real car, or a fast one at least.
  10. The problem with you is you expect way too much from a game. It has easily 40+ hours of gameplay, you beat it... you buy a new game.
  11. Hrmm maybe you just need to improve your driving skills since you've just begun the game? It was extremely easy for me, you just go left once you get in the car and up a few streets.
  12. :/ There are infernus's everywhere in my game
  13. Try getting a regular infernus and keep repainting it
  14. If by limited you mean non-existent?
  15. Are you kidding me? People in the Philippines get shot over games of counter-strike.
  16. Not only do they get repaired, but they get washed, too. You just have to shut off the console. When you come back they will be fixed and washed. No, you just need to park, save at your apartment, then go into your menu and reload the game.
  17. I was thinking the exact same thing?
  19. I mean seriously they should tell us so we don't waste our fucking ammo emptying clips into these fools
  20. Does anyone else think these bike chase missions where the person you're chasing is invincible until you get to a certain point is completely retarded? I'm fucking emptying clips into these guys backs and they don't die unless you get to a certain spot in the chase where they slow down
  21. Here's my point I'm trying to get across, the ONLY reason somebody would not like the driving system, is because they suck at it. Of course they are not going to admit this, and will say they want it to be boring and easy like previous GTA's, but that is of course not the case.
  22. Brucie for sure... me and him are genetically superior.
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