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  1. Today, three Vietnamese kids ran past my house. Then they were chillin outside of my house! So I went in my room, loaded up my bb gun, and grabed a couple of blackcats(fireworks). Then I light them up and threw them at them. Once they started running away from the fireworks exploding right in there faces, I took a few shoots at each of them with my bb gun. Then I yelled "That will teach you to gently caress with Americans!" It was quite fun.
  2. I say we kill all responsible... Anyway I dont think my dads gonna give a shit, but my mom might have a heart attack.
  3. Come on, gotta give it up to the D-O-GG! Hes been around for a while, and still givin us good music to listen to.
  4. I may join and post around If I find time. Im a very busy person.
  5. I like this one the best. The last one was ok, but this one is much better.
  6. Okay, now tell me how to make those rotate. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I dont know, maybe not even bother with it. It dosent take to much effort to turn your phone around.
  7. Oh, now I see. And that makes it look even weirder. It be nice to have a LCD screen instead of thouse four numbers.
  8. Looks more weird then cool. Whats the numbers on the front of the phone for?
  9. Den Martin and Frank Sinatra- Thats Amore I like to listen to a lot of genres of music.
  10. Avatar: Ok, I think its from digimon? Sig: Awsome, 10/10. Gen makes the best sigs. Personalty: Some kid in the ARR, I hope I get to know him.
  11. OMG I shit my self Im so scared.
  12. Uh, can someone please explain to me what it is, and why its scary?
  13. I would, but I still dont know what GTAWH stands for, and dont know the url.
  14. I may join and post around if I have some time. And whats GTAWH, I never heard of that forum.
  15. Not really, when I first tried it I was a little lost to, and kinda sucked. But that forum was heavy on RP and I soon learned how to RP once someone really took the time and taught me.
  16. Well anything you need just ask, Ill be glad to help. Im sure Genocide would gladly help to.
  17. I listen to a lot of genres of music, but mostly rap.
  18. Really, could I see some? There s a lot of thing I want to do in my graphics, but I just cant figure out how to do it .
  19. Well, in my opion, this is how is should be setup. RP has its own forum, instead of being in "Gang Related". In that forum there will be three sections, Introductions, Gang Events, and of course Gang Wars. I allready Explained what goes into each section, but theres more to it. Each Section needs its own rules(of course), and a little something to make the RP world feel more alive. Like in introductions, you have three ###### topics, Rules, Francies International Airport, Kuafmen Cabs. Then in Gang events, each gang can choice one place where they could meet, disscuse things. Then in Gang wars, maybe Ammunation, Hospital, Police station. And I think we might need to add a training section for people who never even heard fo the word RP. So basicly, it would look like thins Role Playing -Introductions -Gang Events -Gang Wars -Training These are just my ideas, im sure they can be added to or improved.
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