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  1. mgs4 will win this pole seeing as the other options are rather pathetic i mean "saints row" really....
  2. Turismo Sanchez (why is there no pcj or nrg? all the other bikes are rubbish in comparison) Sentinel (been a fav of mine since gta 3) sabre gt (good car and i like the way you can throw it round bends ok acceleration too for a muscle car) Ambulance (always liked getting a wanted level and driving around in an ambulance)
  3. well if you want the ultimate game experience and the best online option you should get a decent pc. Although you won't get a superkickass pc for the price of ps3/360 you will however get one that is alot better than both. Now i recently got a 360 as i cannot be bothered to wait for pc release and want the exclusive content. (btw ps3 will not get content, if it does it wont be same, and by time it does get any if it does chances are pc version will be out hence modding will have begun and no one will really care too much). By the way when i say ultimate game experience i mean for all games in general not just for gta 4. and i totally agree with what people have been saying if you look after your 360 it will not break.
  4. probably because like most of us he's rather annoyed with the seemingly endless "i cant drive this game is shit" posts
  5. This is truth. IMO the only people bashing this games driving is kids who have never driven a real car, or a fast one at least. it is better alot better. And to people who cant perform handbrake turns you do realise you only use the handbrake (like in real life) to "pop" yourself into the slide after that it's acceleration and steering (or normal brakes if you miss judge it and need to re adjust in an emergency). The police chases are ALOT better, to people who say crashing annoys them i found i had more crashes on the other games with cops coming at you left right and center who seem to be using super warp technology you wernt allowed to use. i'd much rather mess up in a crash through fault in my driving than because of annoying spawns. At first i sucked at the driving (as i tried to drive like in the previous games) but after a few hours i felt i had got the hang of it. Since then i wouldnt have said i'd mastered it but am very good at it. Finally to people who dislike the aspects of the game and especially to those who go on like it's torture quite frankly: DONT PLAY THE BLOODY GAME AND STOP MOANING.
  6. driving is bad? i find it is far from bad driving on this game is much more enjoyable than the others, this time you drive alot more realistically (although i would argue still no where near sim standards). And yes i agree all the complaining annoys me but complaints are inevitable with a game hyped this much.
  7. The multiplayer is kickass, you just probably suck at it. You miss the planes? to be honest i feel planes would be pointless in this game (i did enjoy them in SA) you would fly accross the map in 10 seconds and then what? ok you could fly over the ocean but that don't really do it for me. You could fight police helicopters. You got all the acheivements? you could try for that. Practice your skills on the bikes you can do some pretty fancy stunts. Buy every item of clothing. Though for me the thing i enjoy most now (even though i havent got 100% but have completed story) is multiplayer, i think it is brilliant. If it bores you try a different mode, you will be surprised how enjoyable some modes can be given your on a team with good players. Edit* I forgot to say what i think about it I think this is the best gta game yet, though i havent had as much fun on this one as i did on gta 3 (the story missions there were the best of any gta game imo). The new graphics and physics make for a great improvement to gta. But in doing this rockstar will have annoyed people. (though i cant help but feel if it had been the same as previous titles with new graphics a few of these complainers would be arguing it isn't next gen or something along them lines)
  8. i didnt think feds i thought cops. i missed the "furniture" hint first time round but having played gta games before and possesing common sense i new she what would happen from the moment she started saying "hmm there seems to be alot of gangsters there, do you know anything about that?"
  9. why did that need a spoiler tag? when you start a new game get out the taxi and climb the ladder there is a snipe up there. but on topic this game is great, the fighting is not slow and unresponsive, it's more realistic and alot more fun too i love the headbut combo
  10. Yeah i took my name from him, my other nicks were taken and i was watching a film about it him when i signed up.

  11. You miss the "gangster" theme? you cannot get anymore gangster than mafia. You must mean wannabe fool ghetto boys pretending to be GANGSTA!!!! when really there just hoodys with guns. Mafia themes are a much preferred theme for me. I miss ammu-nation, i miss the gta feel, and Tommy Vercetti.
  12. I think the damage to the cars is realistic to some extent, and after adjusting to the new handling found the handbrake to be fine too, it is a bit exagerated i will give you that but not nearly as exagerated as the handbrake from the other games. If you have a car and are confident in your driving abbility take it out late at night when the roads are empty and try handbraking round corners at about 60-70 mph then tell me that the handbrake is not at all realistic.
  13. your father seems really sensible, not!!! its a bloody at the end of day, i love it too but not to the extent i would ruin my education!!! 3 days off school would hardly ruin his education. Completed it went revenge. Now to make a new file and go through to get ALL acheivments and 100%. Edit* Yes i am just watching credits too, oh they just finished.....
  14. Happened to me, i restarted my router (which my xbox 360 is connected to the net by) and it worked. Note i did try restarting my xbox and disconnecting and reconnecting to live but that did not work. So i don't know for sure but try unplugging your net then plugging it back in hope this helps. Edit* i just realised you said ps3, but i had this exact same problem so try what i suggested
  15. Someone been watching a bit too much ghost rider i think
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