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  1. Matt_Hsv


    ok you got to the nearest [email protected] internet cafe go to lovemeet.net then search for the girl you wish to meet send her an email then wait for her to call you. I have heard there are other websites in which you can go on to meet other women but as of yet I havent been on them maybe someone on this forum can list all of the websites in which you can date women in the game.
  2. Matt_Hsv

    I have completed IV

    When you say completed do you mean finished all missions or completed 100%.
  3. Matt_Hsv

    What do I do with the money?

    Yeah that downloadable content better be released on Playstation 3 or there will be alot of unhappy PS3 owners out there.
  4. Matt_Hsv

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    I have all Grand Theft Auto games on my computer and they all run smooth as on my machine on maxed settings just getting back to Lethals and Wrx's comments quad core processors are still fairly new and are yet to run the majority of games using the 4 processors and are only capable of running the 2 processors this is why you wont see a difference in gameplay. This being said in times to come the game developers will make games that run on all 4 processors which will out do any dual core processor on the market.
  5. Matt_Hsv

    What do I do with the money?

    Yeah its too bad Niko doesnt put on weight like Carl Johnson does in San Andreas.
  6. Matt_Hsv

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Yeah a new computer seems to be the way to go at the moment its now just a matter of time until i purchase the hardware.
  7. Matt_Hsv

    What did you dislike about GTA 3?

    What i didnt like in gta 3 was the fact that your character didnt talk and he is never referred to as a name or anything other than kid or sometimes fido.
  8. Matt_Hsv

    100% Save File AU

    Not that i know of but maybe keep searching around the net there are alot of gta iv files on the web and i'm sure you will come across an au save file soon.
  9. Matt_Hsv

    What do I do with the money?

    I heard that if you get a certain amount of money you can join rockstars millionaires club i have heard this on the PS3 but as of yet not on the xbox 360 version of the game maybe another member can confirm that.
  10. Matt_Hsv

    Downloadable Content Wishlist

    I agree with silverballer in making construction sites updated and maybe having a few buildings completed that niko can enter.
  11. Matt_Hsv

    Fingerless Glove Issue Solved**

    Whoopee!!! fingerless gloves i strugly to see that this piece of clothing is going to make the game any better/different than it already is.
  12. Matt_Hsv

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    i am purchasing this machine so it will withstand the test of time as my last machine which was built 3 years ago (2005) is now severely outdated and when i originally built the system it was just about top of the line.
  13. Matt_Hsv

    Resolution Problem

    Yeah i run 1080i and the graphics are truly outstanding especially when niko is up high and looking long distance over water and buildings.
  14. Matt_Hsv

    Protect you XBOX360

    The best way to prevent the Red Rings Of Death (RROD) is to never purchase a Xbox 360 console in the first place and go for the much better Playstation 3
  15. Matt_Hsv

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Yes i did mean a dual core processor if it was me i would purchase a quad core and yeah i realise that my computer wont run grand theft auto iv thats why i am upgrading the machine to a top of the range gigabyte motherboard with best FSB available, ddr 2 ram, only just released pci express ATi Radeon HD 4870 X2 video card, and intel quad core processor which will be over 10 Ghz.