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  1. Does GTA IV Live Up To All The Hype It Was Given Prior To Release? Name some things that you think could be improved...
  2. If you are Australian and plan to buy GTA IV and havn't already pre-ordered it...I've discovered that it is much much cheaper to buy it From Big W then from EB Games...Its is $120 from EB Games...and only $78 from big w...I know where ill be getting it from...if you have already pre-ordered it from eb, then you will be paying more... By the way....i dont work at big w
  3. lol thats pretty bad aye......but you have to remember GTA IV is only a game...there's lots of better things than a game...sure it might be a good game...but there is still more stuff thats better than a game...like sport.... P.S are you going to go emo....? Maybe you should just buy a new Xbox...or a PS3?
  4. The whole thing... Time Left:...ummmmmmmmmmm...6days 6hours 10minutes 15seconds
  5. that sounds awsome!... :'( i did have an xbox 360 but it got stolen...so i got a ps3...now i cant get the extra content...
  6. i think it could be heeps more realistic..but of course that would spoil it!
  7. in san andreas you could get one of them big van things and rob peoples places...dunno if you can steal from a shop though...would be awsome though
  8. You cant go in all the buildings...but you can still go in alot...and go right to the top...you can also use the fire exit
  9. im left handed and playing games is no harder than it would be....if not it would be harder i think if the controls were southpaw...
  10. i think the best thing about the game will be the fact that there will always be something to do! you will never get bored...
  11. ive read that you can also use your phone to dispatch police.
  12. I really hope the cops are way way smarter in GTA IV and dont just risk theirs and everyone elses life just because you traded paint with one of their cars!
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