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  1. I don't have it, but I would really like to check it out. I haven't beenable to though. One time I got real close... so close..
  2. I can't believe I can use that. It looks awesome. English Lower-case Quake Photoshop Holy shit that is so awesome. The game thing is unbelievable. No more having to continuisly look at the manual. And that photoshop thing is pretty tight to, this is like revolutionary.
  3. You just did the exact same thing in the other forum...
  4. Welcome, my old name was "Officer_Cartman" I was here when the CCF dominated all! Also good work with the gang system, its awesome.
  5. Would you rather him make a new thread? When I'm bored... I be bored..
  6. Does the toothpaste method work, or is that just a silly rumor.
  7. He is some of the of the only rap I like. Maybe because I can relate to it, or just because it isn't about "gangsta" crap and shit...
  8. Metallica, I love their instrumentals. They seriously rock.
  9. Yes, my mom does it too... I'm doing it right now infact. But I don't always do it, usually just a fidget.
  10. Hey guys, I was here long time ago, then stuff happened, and I came back to check it out.
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