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  1. Yeah... I've gotten a couple of bots when I wasn't even there it was funny. there was another site that was like aimbot.com or somehting, its older.
  2. You don't even have to be that big of a fan. I'm not, but I enjoy that forum. If you look around, and see the quality of the members. You will have to agree this is a decent IF board.
  3. I can't, wouldn't mind learning how to though. Moment of spazness: Who can juggle chainsaws!?!
  4. No, bb guns are usually air pumped guns that shoot little metallic balls, like this:[best pic I could find] People use soft bb's to shoot at each other. These are pellets for a pellet gun.
  5. Er... and I got one, but don't want it, is there a way to get rid of it?
  6. Leprekon

    IPB 2.1

    Oh... then thats good.
  7. Leprekon

    IPB 2.1

    Thats tight man. No bb code? ITs more like word or something... I don't like that much...
  8. Guess it sorta does... without the shoudler buttons.
  9. Those people with suggestions, they were stupid. Ya'l are easily entertained.
  10. Trying to get your old post count back?
  11. *clears throat then points* Bottom-left of your post, takes you imeadiately to the top of the page. Even if that wasn't there, your idea is still completely stupid.
  12. I've seen part of that, with just the Llamas... and the duck. But that was funny.
  13. AV: 5/10 [its cool, but wasn't made] SIG: 7/10 Personality: his hearts in the right place, but frankly his brain isn't[anywhere] [also says n00b too much]
  14. OMGWTFBBQSAUCE you were actually kinda right. AFter playing these games, it has reinforced me to not want ot be in a gang of any kind. Because you can get so screwed over.
  15. No offense, but good job reading. I think this implies that there are no english ones.
  16. Yeah, WizZ posted about it, and it was funny what he put. And look at this, its interesting...
  17. It doesn't say anything about what the keys are, but it said something like it isn't actualware yet because there isnt' a patent, so I don't know if they have actually completed it yet..
  18. Okay, now tell me how to make those rotate.
  19. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Read a bit more carefully.
  20. Wow, they came out with a cool phone too. ^Can somebody translate that?
  21. The same company is comign out with this mouse for macs, but they say that they are going to add another button and a wheel to it later on. http://www.artlebedev.com/portfolio/mus/
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