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  1. Tutorial: Finding locations Maybe the most inportant thing about being an elite, is finding new spot's! But how do they do it? You would think they had done it all by now! But, no, they're still coming with new jaw dropping stunt's. Well, the answer to that lay's in alot of creativity. When an elite goes out there, to find a new spot, he aproach's it with pretty much a free mind. That's excatly what you should do too! Just go for a ride on a Nrg and take a look around with a free mind! Like, when I was just driving around and doing small bumps, 360 and such, I suddenly saw a roof which would've been awsome to make! So, I take a look around, trying to find a way up there. And when I found it, I went do go do it! (Another, similar, tchnique is the one where you find the bump before the roof, or the jump before the grind. This is the same as the one above, but in reverse.) I think most stunters uses that technique, but I wouldn't advice you to start doing that one! You should try another technique first, so that you've gotten pretty creative before you use it. Though it really isn't that much of a mistake if you do start doing the prevese one. But, anyhoo, this is the technique you should start doing.. There are a few things you can do to increase your amount of stunts. And this is a technique that I, and many others (I think), use: I stay tuned on stunting videos, so I see which stunts have been done and which havn't (as should you!!). But you can use stunt's that have allready been done, and redo them in a diffrent way! Like I saw NightKnight's bump to roof (scroll down to see which one I'm talking about. It's called "NightKnight's bump to roof". It's from Vice City, but you'll get my point anyway.). Than I went out and treid to find another way up there. Then suddenly I found "NightKnight's bump to roof redo" (I know people have only seen Nitzkit do it, but that's because he released it before me). Examples on stunt's that have been redone in a diffrent way (It's from Vice City, but you'll get my point): NightKnight's bump to roof NightKnight's bump to roof redo Downtown hospital roof Downtown hospital roof redo Bump to roof Bump to roof in a diffrent way (Speed Pcj bump or packer Air and roof Regular bump in white)
  2. Tips: General Stunting Tips Well, I'm going to update this one as I think of new things, but for now these are the ones I can come up with. I know this is pretty messy, but I'm writing this as I think of it. Being a public stunter, you should try to build up a reputation among other stunters. And it has to be a positive reputation! If you dont have a good reputation you'll never get into a crew, you'll never get any help, you'll never get inside the "network". Knowing people is a very very very important thing! If you know the right people your road to becoming a great stunter will be much much easier. And it's not really much you have to do. Just try, as good as you can, to be nice and helpful to others. So try to get as good as a reputation as possible. Another thing that plays a big role in your reputaion is your skin. You have to get a costum skin! And a personal as possible. So that people a picture with your skin on it, they'll think about you. If you want to become a great stunter you have to think of this. Try to "sell yourself", and think about marketing yourself. You should also get a costum bike skin, by the way.. When your making a new video use as much time on it as can. Infact, when you see that your done, use 2-3 days more on it! The first day dont watch it at all. The second day, watch it and try to keep an open mind to flaws and things like that. The rest of the second day and the third day, use alot of time corecting those flaws. Do not fall into the trap of making one stunt video per week! As I just said, use time on your videos! Use much time! Get everything to look good! The editing, the stunts, the text, the music.. Everything! When you've done a stunt, DO NOT record it right away! Press F2, about 5 seconds after you've succesfully landed, then press ALT + Tab and copy the replay.rep (which is located in My Documents/Gta Vice City User Files, I think). Then paste it in a new folder where you keep all of your stunt. You can also change the name of the replay.rep to something that discribes the stunt (f.ex "Bump - roof malibu"). When you've done that, go back to the folder where you saved the replay.rep and copy it over to My Documents/Gta Vice City User Files and rename it replay.rep, if you changed it before. Then go back into Vice City and press F3. You'll now see the replay. Removing the replay text serves one more advantage, and that is that you can allways go back and record the stunt over again. So if you suddenly discover a new way to get better quality on the stunt, then you can go back and re-record it. When recording your stunt try to get a good angle as possible, so that the stunt looks really cool! Use the GXT Editor! Mod the replay text, flashing in the left corner of your screen when your watching a replay, away! This is really important! Cause no one wants to see it flashing in a stunt video! It's just so annyoing! ( To remove the 'Replay'-text then just open your GXT Editor and press File - Open. A browser should pop up, then go to Gta Vice City/Text and press the 'american.gxt' file. Then press open. No wait 5 sec and you should get a long list of text. Press 'R', for 'Replay', then scroll down to find where it say's "Replay". Double click the replay thingy, and just remove all text. You can type in your name, which will result in that you can see your name blinking where it would normally say 'Replay', but this is also just annoying so I would not advice you to do this! ) Never ever steal a stunt!! Never!! If you have the honour to get a preveiw of a video, or a stunt, then you might get tempted to do that stunt and put it in your video. Well, do no do it! At least not before that person who showed you the stunt have put into his video. If you do put it into your video before the person put it into his, you'll loose all respect in the stunting world. No one will ever give you preveiws of their stunt or videos ever again. So neeeever do this. No matter who you steal it from! The music in a stunt video is maybe the most important aspect of a stunt video. Cause if someone doesn't like the music and thinks it's boring or anything like that, he'll feel that the whole video was boring and simply bad. At least that's what usually happends to someone who isn't a professional reveiwer (lol). So take time to chose the music! I think the music should be as mainstream (at least what's mainstream in the stunting world) as possible. But if your way of stunting or editing isn't like the "stereotype" of stunting or editing, try to find music that fits to that style. You have to remember that a stunt video is sepose to be attractive to the people watching it, not the people making it. Well, that's if your going to release the video, of course. So with the finger, choose your music cearfully! ----------- Please feel free to ask if you have any questions, about the things I've been writing about in this topic, here. .. well, that's it for now, but I'll update it soon so please drop in ones awhile
  3. Ghostchild

    Favorite stunt video?

    What's your favorite video? (Please post a link to it if you can find one) This has always been a very tough questionfor me 'cause I've never really could pick only one. I like the community vid (dedicated), but it isn't really my style, I like that Ats vid with Smashing Pumpkins - Zero as the credit song, but it didn't feel all done. So to be honest I don't have a favorite video just yet (but alot of videos that I like very much)
  4. Ghostchild

    SA stunting: Good, bad?

    So what are your thoughts on San Andreas stunting? Some say the physics are so much worse than in Vice City that they're actually going to still stunt in Vice, do you feel the same way? I personaly think the physics for bikes are just terible, but I won't go to the extreme of just droping San Andreas stunting though. I've actually found a quite new and, in my opinion, graet way to stunt in San Andreas. You'll see more about that way later when I release my latest video. I havn't really found it mself, but I feel that I'm going to take to a new level. But enough about that, what do you think?
  5. Ghostchild

    Ghostchild Presents - Pokker

    Yeah, the worst part is that I actually think I agree with you (on the case of Wichtia being better). I hate making a video worse then the last one, I'm sepose to top the last. Sadly, I wasn't as motivated as I was when making Wichita. But anyway, the stunts were harder and better, and I don't think anyone has even done a spin inside a tunnel before. So at least I presented something new to the audience and that's also very important to me. yeah, open the .rar file with WinRar as Chris said.
  6. Ghostchild

    Ghostchild Presents - Pokker

    Thanks guys! I was trying to be alittle more subtle this time, not going overboard with fancy screaming-orange effects. And the name means 'damnit' in norwegian (yes, I'm norwegian). I got the name Wichita after seing a documentary film on BTK-killer (Bind-Torture-Kill) who killed 7 people (I think) in the Wichita area. So, Wichita is a city. I just tought it sound cool. About the stunts. I don't really think people appreciate how hard most of the stunts in the video are. Stunts like loops over and under a bridge in the big jetplane (not the Hydra) needs a few go's. Spins inside a narrow tunnel is even harder. The last stunt is the most narrow tunnel I've ever done. Anyway, thanks for the comments, I'm glad you thought it was ok Oh, about the song. I knew it was a risky song seing it was in norwegian and all, but I just can't edit a video with a song I don't like so I chose that one. Remember music is universal. I think you'll allways have to approach my videos with an open mind.
  7. There has probably been at least one of this topic, but I didn't see any on my quick tour through the topic in this forum so I'd post it. Do you want Gta 4 to be bigger or smaller then San Andreas? I personaly think it should be larger, but if it's gonna make the details and feel of places then I'd rather have it small and detailed. But if they can maintain the detail in the landscape than I'm all for larger. I'd like there to be some islands though. Like an island you have to fly to or take boat to, or maybe many islands, like on Fiji or something. nd not those small island like that one right outside of San Fierro, I mean like a LARGE island. That has mountains and all! Oh, and I know everyone complains about "you'll get lost" and all that. But what's better than just driving around and then suddenly your in a completly new place that you've never been? Even if you've made all the missions you'll still find new places. That would've been cool!
  8. Ghostchild

    side characters

    That bold pedestrian on the Strip!! Rock on!!
  9. Ghostchild

    SA stunting: Good, bad?

    Well, I'm not too sure about the fact that all stunters are kinda boikotting Sa. The audience (the one that doesn't stunt) will completly forget about them, since it will consentrate all about the latest game, San Andreas. So, I thin it's great that they like it that much, but to just forget about the new game isn't such a good idea, if you ask me.
  10. Ghostchild

    SA stunting: Good, bad?

    Bike stunts in Sa, sucky. AA stunts in Sa great!
  11. Ghostchild

    TheGTAPlace stunt collabration!

    Yeah, it was about 2 weeks ago. Anyway, I'm still a mod so please remove my moderator thingys.
  12. Ghostchild

    TheGTAPlace stunt collabration!

    Well, if you guys didn't know, I sent a Pm to one of the mods (don't remember who, but I think it might have been Spasmodically_Insane) saying I quit Sorry
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    new sig

    Yes, it's only clouds, but I made it to learn how to make 3d text so.. The avatar is ugly, but anyway..
  14. Ghostchild

    Favorite stunt?

    Hehe, I'm really making alot of these "What's your favorite.."-topics right now. So what is your favorite stunt? Can be one of your own. Mine will have to be maybe my mansion roof or NightKnights bsm - that very very ery tall pink building by the gas station on the first island in Vice City. Or maybe one of the stunts in my latest video.
  15. Ghostchild

    Longest Wheelie Contest

    Hehe, that's one tragic looking picture Hehe
  16. Ghostchild

    Stunting Crew

    Yeah, but there's more crews then only those 3 though, but they do not hav etheir own crew forum at gtas.com. Like TMS and XSA.
  17. Ghostchild

    Stunting Crew

    Hehe, thanks, but no, I'm not in a crew, nor will I ever be. Unless it's the Ats that is. At the buttom of the forum theres a "crew network" ask them there
  18. Ghostchild

    Stunting Crew

    Make a GOOD stunt video, and send it in for audition on gtastunting.com. The stunt video HAS TO be very good though to get into those crews.
  19. Ghostchild

    Happy Birthday Chris! / Veels geluk Chris!

    Happy birthday!
  20. Ghostchild

    Longest Wheelie Contest

    Good luck everyone! I'd join, but I don't have Vice City anymore
  21. Ghostchild

    [SA] CJ's Stunts

  22. Ghostchild

    "Wichita" Stunt Video

    I used Vegas 6.0b to edit it. I just put the same clip on top of eachother and put in some orange effects in all the clips. Then I just played around with the thingy that makes your clip "cut", "Multiply", "Burn", "Dodge", you know?
  23. Ghostchild

    [SA] Longest Wheelie on a motorbike Contest

    I'll move it. *moved*
  24. Ghostchild

    TheGTAPlace stunt collabration!

    You just press F2 in-game right after doing the stunt. Then you ALT+TAB out of the game. Then you go to My Documents/SA User Files and copy the 'replay.rep'-file. Then paste the 'replay.rep' in another folder. Then you rename the 'replay.rep' to something like "(semi) sweet S2B spin" or something. Hope everyone got it, cause I can't explain it better then that :S
  25. Ghostchild

    TheGTAPlace stunt collabration!

    10'th of October it is