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  1. Killajo

    GTA SA error

    i did paste the crack right it will start up but like i said i will give an error if i try to start the game
  2. Killajo

    GTA SA error

    Yes i did but only because i dont have a disk drive or the money
  3. Killajo

    GTA SA error

    ok i just got GTA SA for pc an i installed it correctly but when i got to play it will load up i select new game and then just as the first cut seane begins it sasy Grand Theft Auto San Andreas had a serious error then a yes/no option. Please Help?
  4. Killajo

    game shut down

    thank you it worked.
  5. Killajo

    The Vice City Comeback!

    Another Vice City would be awesome i hope its bigger!
  6. Killajo

    game shut down

    Im trying to taked of my pc completly and then install it via disc if that helps.
  7. Killajo

    Three Word Story

    that will kill
  8. Killajo

    game shut down

    still didn't work but good suggestion.
  9. Killajo

    game shut down

    I've had GTA Vice City for the pc for a while but recently i will play for a minute and then it will just kick me off.I've tried to reinstall it but it wont let me uninstall.plz help.
  10. Killajo

    Whats your fave gun in Vice City, and why?

    the samurai sword cuz you can ninja people
  11. Killajo

    TGTAP USA/Canada Clan [360]

    can i join my gamertag is hogsP1MPhand and thank you
  12. Killajo

    Things you don't know about people!

    i can barely tell the difference between reality and fantasy no joke and i beleave im a demon
  13. Killajo


    i dont care but if the laws on piracy are strong im going to purgatory fo real
  14. Killajo

    Do You Believe?

    im atheist was Christan but i stopped believing for holes in the god threroy just a question that may or may not have anything to do with this topic but why do we buiry people in a six foot hole in the ground that is closer to Satan than god? maybe people can awnser me.
  15. Killajo

    Big Community Thread

    my life is ok-ish i mean i have every thing i need and some other stuff like laptop and some games its fun outside my house because i use to live in an 2 room apartment with my Dad and sister my dad and sisters had the rooms and i had the living room now i have a room and its ok but id rather have the front room.