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    San Andreas

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    Behind you
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    like hating this country,gang banging ing,and computers
  1. C dub

    User Track Player

    i hate the user track player but i can help you when you select it just hold up
  2. C dub

    may i get a free sig

    look you would have a hard time getting to me even if did try to kill me i got more guns then u do and thats a fact.i got power i got drugs.let me ask u a question are u in the drug bussines?do u work wih camboda's drugs i think not,and if i was a child i couldnt do all this.
  3. C dub

    may i get a free sig

    i was not talking about creating a gang beacuase im trying to get respect from u so i can join ds.O 1 more thing im not a child and in real life u couldnt kill me.
  4. C dub

    may i get a free sig

    muze07 maybe we can team up take the streets if u no what i mean
  5. C dub

    San Andreas Camera Hack

    yes this is very helpful
  6. yo i need a new sig can u give me one please
  7. C dub

    What are you listening to right now?

    lil john-roll call ying yang twins-wait-badd NWA-Express your self mike jones-back then-still tipin paul wall-sittin sideways 50 cent and whookid-still tippin(remix)-50 cent banks and yayo in da club-candy shop-things will change-and wash up thats it
  8. C dub

    The White and Red Bars

    im pretty much done with this game i think it was very easy
  9. C dub

    Create your Character

    this will be my first person (crazy person) Head:medium sized, turban Skin:tan Shirt:Algirea pp28 suit with body amor Pants:Algirea pp28 suit with thin bullet coast lining Wepeon:rare sliver shilded plaged ak-47 Quote:Death to amercia and my 2nd person head:medium with compton hat Skin:light brown with a small scar around eye Shirt:white t or black or white compton hoodie Pants:Blue or black jeans shoes:white k's Wepeon:9mm pistol and my final person (bussines or hitman) Head:Medium with tucked hat Suit:Black Wepeon:tommy gunand a 44 revolver
  10. C dub

    Tommy V or CJ

    well i just hopes tommy wins
  11. C dub

    The Sig Lab

    Hey when ever u have time can u make me a sig (a cool one)
  12. C dub

    Hillary Clinton On GTA

    Who the gently caress cares U.S.A. i hope this country gets blown to bits and all of us can go to hell execpt me beacuse i will not be here i will help this country go the gently caress down hahahahahaha
  13. C dub

    Hillary Clinton On GTA

    i hope terriost bomb us as well i want them to kill our gay leader