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  1. have done the missions now doing the mission of wozie casino do you know how to equip double handgun? i think i saw that somewhere....(just like hitmans double ballers)
  2. wow that a very nice idea! especially the time! more fog and fog! and how bout flying human bats? k thanks
  3. yeah sorry for being noob just started playing.... anyway thanks for the comments i really like silent hill too
  4. i've just re install it.... just because when cesar calls the sound echoes now....even before...that the... do you think this something to do with sound cards? drives?
  5. For a video, try fraps. it this for free? thanks ill try this one
  6. at least it worked......the effort this guy gave to his notebook
  7. my sound in GTA SA have problems when cesar calls telling the money leves san fierro or something at first i press N even the conversation is not finish it hangs..... but i downloaded realtek drivers (currently sound max) it solves the hangs but the sound is still echoes....even after the conversation....iven i shot someone the sound echoes could you guys help me with this one....any sound fixes for san andreas? o this is a bug or something??
  8. ive check zero's shop nope madd dogs crib ang foster valley i check that
  9. nope i don't want to edit san andreas i want it clean no mods or cheat he,he,he someone say on the other topic it is a bug he also have the same experience
  10. no sir pc i've finish it! now t-bone mendez how can i have a longer air underwater? i can't play the mission of woozie PS: Welcome & enjoy, stupid is just bumbling through something & not asking questions. THANKS YOU SIR
  11. wow ! thats cool i thought my comp have a problem i also posted a thread...thanks!
  12. Something weird i think the san fierros barber stock over cj's i can still pres ESC ang exit but he still working on zzzzzzzz working over the hair zzzzz cj's hair about 1min i wait but nothing happens so iclose the game ang restart
  13. and DOGS i cant find any dogs, dogs are common but there are turtles in GTA SA yeah seagulls always 3 pieces of seagull flying around in GTA SA bear cant find bear in the woods, i saw a video of a rare bigfoot but a bear that is very common.. do gta4 have kids now? and dogs? or any? yeah i notice that....how bout shooting on the ground the kids running
  14. yeah gta SA should have that.. but isn't that availabe on GTA IV?
  15. You should be Ok with a 128 gfx card. (At least) Try lowering your quality settings. And make sure the disk is clean. If it continues, try reinstalling... thanks for the tip yeah this is the first time it hanged it happens on the san fiero's baber shop when i view the hair style the baber covered cj there the baber hangs over cj but still i can press esc.. hmmm.....what other things? hard ware or soft ware?
  16. any way i can solve this? does this something to do with my hardware? or my soft ware? this is 1st time hang...what shoud i do? actually i can still press ESC(pause/option come still come out) still i press alt+f4 do you also sometimes encounter hangs? but you just only restarted the game ang walla its ok again... help me guy really dont know if its ok or what...my gud ness....should you think i add a memory? because i am using 512mb (minimum requirements) should i add?
  17. he will just tell you "find it for yourself" i really do believe on him oh well
  18. can i ask does the GTA IV is realeased on pc? maybe they are pulling out gta SA can i ask does the GTA IV is realeased on pc? maybe they are pulling out gta SA
  19. oh...menn the video is not available no more
  20. say some comment if you like, just wanna share it to gta sa players :innocent:
  21. do you know also a cheat that can make the mission finish? i cant finish a mission with zero when you fly the plane
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