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  1. Bianchi dies from F1 crash injuries http://t.co/Nx46YTgkv4

  2. RT @NASANewHorizons: Hello #Pluto! We’re at closest approach. Congrats to all! Follow our story & view new images using #PlutoFlyby. http:/…

  3. RT @jsnell: Daring Fireball, Markdown, Overcast all cited in keynote. Apple knows the developer audience.

  4. RT @marcoarment: They fixed the Shift key by lowercasing the other keys. Nice.

  5. But my little nostalgia trip ended rather quickly after I realised my character and all progress seems to have been deleted.

  6. RT @oliverwaters: Eidetic for Apple Watch is now available. Find out more and upvote at http://t.co/xfVoW4Y0Q8 http://t.co/MS1AOVmoB8

  7. Jurassic World - Official Global Trailer (HD) https://t.co/9vwQ1yyGfu

  8. RT @TheGTAPlace: The trailer for the PC release of #GTAV is here! 60fps at 1080p. Smooth. http://t.co/NTgNz1wNuW

    1. BlackListedB


      I've added some PC release tech info to the topic, hoping people don't commit to a machine that's not up to task, it's a big question mark still

  9. Lots of "Irish" Americans celebrating burgers today http://t.co/G0Q367Y3qa

  10. Nostalgia. Would watch a full feature film of this. 'POWER/RANGERS' on Vimeo https://t.co/4nz915fMoV #powerrangers #josephkahn #adishankar

  11. Disparity in revenue between iOS and Android is monumental, one might say. Interesting numbers for Monument Valley — http://t.co/gVcYiE97pH

  12. Xmas gift from the awesome people @RockstarGames to say thx for the support. Well thank YOU for making amazing games. http://t.co/eL2VKN5UzH

    1. Mike356


      You never answered my question

  13. With all the hype Sony has now built up it just seems like an enormous missed opportunity to rake in even more cash.

  14. McLaren confirm Button and Alonso http://t.co/QjwnzyPf1T Perfect!

  15. RT @McLarenF1: McLaren Honda: back in business! #F1 http://t.co/ipAW8ehSTE

  16. RT @F1: Hamilton is now a two-time #F1 world champion - the first Briton to achieve the feat since Sir Jackie Stewart in 1971 http://t.co/s…

  17. OS X 10.10.1 update is useless. WiFi reliability not improved at all. What is going on at Apple? No choice but to return to Windows now.

  18. RT @TheGTAPlace: New @TheGTAPlace exclusive screenshot for new-gen #GTAV! Thank you @RockstarGames! Others at http://t.co/BIZMG3vTS8 http:/…

  19. BBC News - Probe makes historic comet landing http://t.co/84uk6TBX7j

  20. I never had much desire to play GTA games in first person. But this trailer has changed my mind, it looks awesome! http://t.co/LzeLOZWguI

    1. BlackListedB


      Remember back to leaked GTA IV videos? One showed a standoff below the bridge crossing the two mainlands first unlocked, the view of Niko's arm extending down his gun as you could zoom in somewhat

  21. Xcode 6.1 has major issues. Apps won't rotate at all in iOS 8.1, localisations won't load in the simulator. Frustrating to say the least!

  22. This is ridiculous. Latest @GeoChallengeApp update took 48 days #iosreviewtime - the longest I've ever seen! http://t.co/4Z0pVLs0re

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