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  1. FnB

    Is God Real

    I'm pretty sure there's a God, at least I believe in it.
  2. FnB

    Memorable Quotes

    Diaz: What kind of incompetent fool are you? FOOL! FOOL! FOOL! FOOL! [throws his phone]. Lance: YOU MORON! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? DO YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH THIS MEANS? [cop land] Just love the way he says it. Umberto: These Haitians, they mess with me for the last time. Tommy, you drive good. Tommy: For a woman, right? Umberto: This is no time for joking, come on drive for me again. Umberto is angry there. Kent Paul: (brags a lot about Tommy not forgetting him and all..) Look after yourself and don't forget about me, mate! Tommy: That's what I'm trying to forget. lol.
  3. To be honest I hate Tommy for the reasons most people like him for. OK, not hate, but I'm not too keen on his style. His attitude gets on my nerves, he's just a Scarface rip off and he is nothing special in general at least IMO. Favorite NPC's: III: 8-Ball and Asuka VC: Lance Vance and Phil Cassidy (the rest all suck). SA: Too many to name (Most favorite Ryder, Sweet and the whole gangsta crew from the game.) LCS: Salvatore VCS: The Mendez brothers (I liked 'em all except Reni a bit and Marty.) Oh yeah and for IV: Dwayne, Playboy and Packie
  4. FnB

    Shall I get GTA Vice City Stories?

    Not really. I prefer GTA3 to Vice City but Vice City Stories to Liberty City Stories.
  5. CJ without a doubt. Vic is a close second. I only choose CJ because he is from the hood. Full list: 1. CJ 2. Vic 3. Niko 4. Toni 5. Claude 6. Tommy
  6. FnB

    Favourite Music Genre

    Let me see: Any rap/hip hop bar the likes of Lil Wayne and 50 Cent. Drum 'n Bass (the stuff from MSX in GTA3 and LCS.) Trance, House and similar... Some reggae Rap-metal such as Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine and Crazytown Old pop music like Michael Jackson Electro Some classical I probably listen to anything except heavy rock.
  7. FnB

    happy birthday!

  8. Tweedy Bird Loc - Fuck South Bronx
  9. FnB

    2008 Forum Award Categories

    What about "Best English speaker (native, non-native etc..)".
  10. FnB

    wat is this song!

    Changes is one of the best songs I've ever heard.
  11. FnB

    RATE Person above you

    ava gets a 7 sig 1 person console fanboys boooo, but overall a gd user
  12. FnB

    How many languages can you speak

    Swedish English A little bit of German
  13. FnB

    The Random Post Topic V2.0

    cooler than a swimming pool
  14. FnB

    Can you get helicopters?

    You can steal the helicopter from "Calm Before the Storm" but you can't save it as failing the mission will get you wasted. You can get the False Idols chopper though, without cheating too. I have tried several times to get the police maverick but whenever I shot at the windshield killing the pilot the heli starts to swing around and then explodes when I'm near it (on a roof of course.) On PSP you can get it through cheat device.
  15. FnB

    RATE Person above you

    ava - sig - (can't see either) person great user, besides what have i improved?