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  1. MTV has interview which claims that Rockstar will use its RAGE engine which stands for Rockstar Advanced Game Engine in the anticipated Gran Theft Auto 4. The RAGE engine was developed by Rockstar and it was used in the game Table Tennis which was released for the Xbox 360. RAGE is capable of both impressive graphics and physics, two areas which drew fire from GTA detractors. Quote from MTV: Source Heres an image of Table Tennis which uses the RAGE engine: Maybe GTA4 will look something like this.
  2. According to IMDb, Rockstar President Dan Houser and GTA/Manhunt veteran James Worrall are the principal writers for Grand Theft Auto IV. Lazlow Jones, who wrote for GTA III & Vice City and did voice work for Liberty City Stories & San Andreas, is listed as a cast member, along with Navid Khonsari who has voiced characters in almost all of Rockstar's titles, including his role as Porn Host in Max Payne 2. Grand Theft Auto IV will debut October 16, 2007 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In addition, Rockstar will create downloadable episodic content for the Xbox 360 version.
  3. viniciusdcs

    Sony Exaggerating

    Maybe it will be powerfull like that, but no one knows if the game developers will use all that power and make games twice as better as 360 games. Only time will tell if that's true, and if the developers will use that much power.
  4. viniciusdcs

    LCS for PS2 Delayed Another Fortnight

    I don't get it what R* is doing.. First the game was scheduled to be released in May I think and then they delay it to the beginning of June and now late June for Europe, my point why are they delaying it if there's no new features on this game, and they even took out multiplayer.
  5. viniciusdcs

    Licensed Cars?

    I think I would preffer real life cars, but it wont happen because car companies would not want it in the game, because youu steal it, blow it up and all that. Rockstar is not willing to spend a lot of money into that, they can just make the gameplay better instead of getting real life cars. And the cars that R* makes is already awesome in my opinion.
  6. viniciusdcs

    Map Layout

    I didn't vote in the poll because I don't think that the topic starter put enough options. For example I think that GTA 4 will be the size of San Andreas or maybe even smaller. GTA4 will contain a whole lot more details, interactive stuff, probably more enterable buildings, and Sam Houser said that their goal is to make a city where it doesn't get boring and different things keep on happening. So in my opinion GTA 4 will be about the size of San Andreas, but that's just me so don't start attacking me for my opinion. Here:
  7. viniciusdcs

    Who do You Think Will be the Main Character?

    Like Chris said It's really going to depend on what year the game is set. If it's before 1985 then it could be some of the people that we worked for like Dias and Cortes. But if it's after then I think it should be someone younger, how about if it's set in present time and maybe we play as Tommy's son or cousin even though that's unlikely to happen I think it would be pretty cool.
  8. viniciusdcs

    So I bought a PSP

    Won it by how much?
  9. viniciusdcs

    I'm really gay

    Wow you could buy a PS3 with a 60GB hard drive with $600. It was a bad decision.
  10. viniciusdcs

    Nintendo Wii

    Do you guys wanna play with my Wii? http://i3.tinypic.com/wrgkdv.gif Pretty funny. Anyways I don't like the name either, Revolution sounded better.
  11. viniciusdcs

    Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii

    I'm deffinetly getting the PS3 as my first choice, the Wii is my second choice and maybe I'll get it. chris82 update the first post because a lot of things happened in E3.
  12. viniciusdcs

    So I bought a PSP

    Well for shooting games I suggest that you get Syphon Philter or Socom. They both have a great online multiplayer, and good single player missions, from the reviews that I read they say that Syphon Philter is the best shooting game on the PSP yet.
  13. viniciusdcs


    Well Chris and Adriaan had planned to launch the site in February, but it's already May and they are having some problems, but hopefully they'll get some work done and hopefully the site launches this month!!!