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  1. Nah, it uses the Predator's handling. ... # Id, Model name, Txd name, Type HandlingId Game name, ... ... 120, predator, predator, boat, PREDATOR, PREDATR, ... ... 150, ghost, ghost, boat, PREDATOR, GHOST, ... end peds ... I think the Ghost was added in the "last minute" to the game because it is the last at the vehicles. About the name I think Rockstar forgot about it but they fixed it in the PC version but I've got no idea why did they give it a name like that. Maybe it's a reference to Ghost Town? Also, this vehicle is unique to Grand Theft Auto III. And I think they changed the color because the light blue one looks strange.
  2. I installed it 3 times!! And don't think that I can't install a gay mod ok? Wow what a display picture Spaz!
  3. How can I add new cars to the game?? Please help!!
  4. It suxXx!!! Doesn't even work for me. Worst Mod Ever!!
  5. Then let's phone Edison and tell him to make a CD for GTAIII PC
  6. Wow I didn't know that it is blue in the PS2 version but I knew the name difference.
  7. 'Patriot Playground' 'Gripped!' Name the last mission of Kenj Kasen, Asuka (Condo, NOT AT FORT STAUNTON) and Joey
  8. D-Ice What is the vehicle that can be only found in SSV for the Portland I/E garage?
  9. And how much time I need to destroy with the Rhino for 10000 ranking points?
  10. Have you ever read my signature? :\ It says: RealGTA3 - 100%
  11. Wow, cool! Thanks for that one!! Any others??
  12. Hi, can someone tell me what are the best Total Conversions for Grand Theft Auto III? (Give links too!)
  13. 'Arms Shortage' What is "sciatica"? LOL, ok. Here's the real questsion: What's the name of Catalina?? Where can you find the flamethrower in Portland?? Answers: a - Chinatown b - St. Marks c - Hepburn Heights d - Harwood e - Torrington
  14. 'Sayonara Salvatore' 'Under Surveillance' 'Paparazzi Purge' 'Payday for Ray' 'Two-Faced Tanner' So we are at missions eh? What are the other 4 (sometimes called 3) missions from Asuka?
  15. In Beliville Park there is a house front of the lake. You can start the mission by getting in the Landstalker next to the house. What weapon can we get at the army base in mission 'Arm's Shortage' for free??
  16. Two brothers of Forelli Family (it's not really a gang in GTA III...) Where can you buy Molotov Cocktails and Flamethrower?
  17. Luigi is the owner of the Sex Club 7 night club. What is the platform that GTA III was announced for, but canceled/never finished/never relased?
  18. You mean I can rip it from my ps2 gta3.img, flatface?? If yes then tell me the file name. And you can also give link for your "PedRising".
  19. What do you mean, flatface?
  20. Stungun?? I would be happy if you could explain that. More beta weapons are: -MP5 (Shorter, see my avatar) -Grenade Launcher -(?) Land Mine (?) -(???) Tazer (???)
  21. Hi there, once I opened my ps2 version gta3.img and I couldn't find ak47.dff/txt but they are exist in my PC version of gta3.img. How the hell that can be???
  22. Legend: Slot #: Slot Type: Weapon Name Favourite Weapon Name Weapons: Slot 1: Hand Weapons: Punches & Kicks Brass Knuckle Slot 2: Melee Weapons: Screwdriver Hammer Nitestick Golf Club Baseball Bat Machete Katana Chainsaw Slot 3: Explosive Weapons: Teargas Molotov Cocktail Grenade Remote Grenade Rocket Slot 4: Handguns: Colt. 45 Colt Python Slot 5: Shotguns: Shotgun Stubby Shotgun SPAZ 12 Slot 6: Sub-Machine Guns: Tec-9 Mac-10 Uzi MP5 Slot 7: Assault Rifles: Ruger M4 Slot 8: Heavy Weapons: M60 Helicopter Cannon Flamethrower Rocket Launcher Minigun Slot 9: Sniper Rifles: Sniper Rifle PSG-1 Slot 10: Others: Camera Detonator
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