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  1. martin88

    MTA: SA released!

    Great! I got it, and installed. Tried out the map editor, But would like a detailed explanation of it. I bet that'll come out soon. Now, I was at first surprised there were no servers, then realized no one has had the chance to create any yet. D'oh.
  2. martin88

    MTA: SA released!

    Gah, I'm a second too late and now I keep getting 404's at the download page. Can somone give me a direct link to a download mirror? Thanks.
  3. martin88

    Game keeps freezing

    On PS2, I put in a few cheats once (Without saving, obviously), and the game froze just after activating an all weapons cheat. That was on SA. Maybe this guy did somthing similer.
  4. martin88

    Little Britain

    Series 3 is the first series where I've actually decided to stop watching. Before, Lucas and Williams had new ideas, now, they've run out of creativity.
  5. martin88

    Little Britain

    I dont see how anyone can watch this crap. It's the same, unfunny jokes, used again and again. Even the "New" charecters in series three are old. The woman who urinates randomly is just a reincarnation of that old lady who pukes vast ammounts whenever she eats somthing made by a minority, for example. This entire show is bullpoo.
  6. martin88

    Thought of the day

    Very true. The Swiss Franc is the only currency that is still fully backed by gold.
  7. The part about the Europe delay must be either untrue, or only for mainland Europe, where they need differnet language versions. It's already selling down here, and I have my copy. (Yes, its a euro copy, in english).
  8. martin88

    ps3 playing psp games

    The Gamecube cant play DS games, and the revolution wont either. Why should the ps3 play handheld games? Then whats the point of a handheld console? None, its all gone. this rumour is bullshit.
  9. martin88

    Online Andreas Reloaded 2.0

    Having trouble running it. I've updated it, and it always timesoutstraight away when I access the server list. There is that link to some sort of file (gta.ocx) but I dont know what to do with it, or where it goes. any help?
  10. martin88

    SA Replay Handler

    On the topic of San Andreas replays, mine never work. They don't save. How can I use this awesome mod if I can't save the replays?
  11. martin88

    Mod Request Thread

    i'd like the classic batmobile made for san andreas. They've got a mod for the new design, and that's kinda cool, but I prefer the long, clossic batmobile. It would be a good replacement for the stretch.
  12. martin88

    Killzone in San Andreas

    That isnt a helghast, that's a guard from Manhunt, another rockstar game.
  13. martin88

    Car spawner

    Thats the same one, but on this site rather than GTA Gaming.
  14. martin88

    Car spawner

    Hey, I got san andreas for PC last week, and I started modding a few days later. I have the IMG tool, and replacing cars, skins etc is no problem, but I'm having trouble with the Car spawner. http://www.thegtaplace.com/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=648 Its downloaded, yet, I'm not sure how to use it. I run the trainer, it says it need to be injected into SA. I click the button to do so.. Nothing happens. Nothing at all. as if the button does nothing. I think my problem is somthing to do with the hokeys file, but where does that go? Any help from decent modders would be good. thanks