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    GTA V Cheats Are Here!

    PC button mashing was my favourite. SO MUCH FUN. NOPOLICEPLEASE MOREPOLICEPLEASE LEAVEMEALONE!! ASPIRINE HESOYAM GIVEUSATANK BANGBANGBANG That moment when you realised you can type cheats in the pause menu. or you can type BIGBANG multiple times in the pause menu for linked explosions. Fantaaaaaaastic!
  2. Fugitive

    GTA V Map Leaked?

    I have tried to do the comparison myself by matching the highway scale. Let me know what you think:
  3. Fugitive

    Vehicle Spawn

    Hello! I need a trainer for spawn cars in Vice City. (I want one trainer like GTA SA Car Spawn v.10......or whatever!)
  4. Please, a have a problem who causes headaches to me . I make a movie of GTA San Andreas and I want to upload it but I don't know where. I find some web pages who can host my movie, but the size of the file must be under 2MB, and my movie have 10-20 MB. Please help me! Where I can upload a 17 MB file? I want to be a free web hosting.
  5. Fugitive

    Little Disappointed?

    I wanted so bad to go back to the Vice City '80s... I jumped off my seat when I saw the beach in the beginning thinking it was Vice City but then got disappointed when I saw the Vinewood sign.
  6. Watch in HD, rate, comment, enjoy. Tell your friends about it maybe! Thanks for watching.
  7. Was really bored... hope this helps someone... pin?
  8. Fugitive

    Radio Theory Is Back...yes...again...

    Also, in GTA3, there is that last Ray mission "Marked Man" when you have to drive Ray to the airport. Then he sends you a message on your pager, phone or wtf that thing Claude has, in which he says that he is going to Vice City. I'm not sure but I think he also says "See you there".
  9. Ultimate Stunting Video Tutorial - last update: December 25 2006, 11:51 (Romanian time, GMT+02:00) - updating in progress - by Fugitive ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Useful files for stunting: Crazy Trainer +151 - This application combines a very good trainer, vehicle spawner, teleporter and garage editor all in one. 100% SaveGame - A simple 100% save where everything that can be done has been done already. The file goes into the "My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files" directory. This save was made for the standard main.scm that installs normally with the game. 10x Draw Distance - The file goes into the "...\GTA San Andreas\data" folder and installing this mod will give you ten times the usual draw distance and it will make your video to look better. Beware low end system users, this can and will cause some slowdown. Clean NRG - Replace "nrg500.txd" from "...\GTA San Andreas\models\gta3.img" using IMGTool. This mod removes all decals and number plates from the NRG. IMGTool v2.0 - This tool allows you to extract and replace the files trapped inside the IMG files. Replay removed - The file goes into the "...\GTA San Andreas\text" folder and it will remove the "REPLAY" text. SA CamHack v1.2 - This tool will help you to make better intros and it can disable/enable speed motion blur effect. SA Control Center - This application combines a very good trainer, vehicle spawner, teleporter, garage editor, clock adjuster etc. all in one. TXD Workshop v4.0b - This tool supports all TXD formats, including compressed. Vehicle Spawn v1.1 - This mod will help you to spawn any vehicles. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to save/view replays: F1 - Look at the last 30 seconds F2 - Save the replay to: "...\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\replay.rep" F3 - Look at the saved 30 second replay. Important: Change the name at replay.rep , because if you don't, the replay will be overwritten. Important: You should wait at least three seconds before pressing F3 after pressing F2, because sometimes you can get corrupted replays. (Thanks to Juan) Once you have landed a stunt or you have something interesting or whatever you want to share, press F2 to save the replay. Then if you want to view the saved replay press F3. The replay will be saved in "...\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files" folder. Go there and you should see a file named "replay.rep". Now rename it to something like "Huge P2B in LS.rep" and copy-paste it in your replays folder or somewhere you like. When you want to view a replay that you made some time ago, copy-paste it in "...\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files" and rename it to "replay.rep". Start the game and then press F3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stunting Video Tutorials: Motorbikes: Wheelie & Stoppie - High-Res | Low-Res | Krail & Corkscrew - High-Res | Low-Res | Bumps - High-Res | Low-Res | Wallride - High-Res | Low-Res | BBM - High-Res | Low-Res | Grab - High-Res | Low-Res | Air2Boat - High-Res | Low-Res | Grind - High-Res | Low-Res | Cars: The Flip - High-Res | Low-Res | Taxi Hydraulic Flip - High-Res | Low-Res | Taxi Wall Climbs - High-Res | Low-Res | Fall Grab - High-Res | Low-Res | Grind - High-Res | Low-Res | Bicycle: The Wheelie Method - High-Res | Low-Res | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Useful topics: SALC Guide - SAVC Guide - Buzzsaw's and Turtle Dick's tutorial for LC and VC conversion mod. SA mods, trainers, and tools. - Buzzsaw's detailed list of what's available. Complete Guide to Stunting San Andreas - DeathCobra's thread about SA stunting, video editing, crews etc. San Andreas Cheats, Tips and tricks for the PC! - Marklund's topic.
  10. Fugitive

    [TUT]Ultimate Stunting Video Tutorial

    First topic updated, sorry for the bump.
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    [SA] As One Again

    Download links Super quality: AOA SQ x264, 153 MB - Filefactory mirror AOA SQ x264, 153 MB - Rapidshare mirror High quality: AOA HQ x264, 80 MB - Filefactory mirror AOA HQ x264, 80 MB - Rapidshare mirror AOA HQ WMV, 147 MB - TGA mirror (not uploaded yet) AOA HQ WMV, 147 MB - Filefactory mirror Medium quality: AOA MQ WMV, 72 MB - Filefactory mirror AOA MQ WMV, 72 MB - Filefront mirror AOA MQ WMV, 72 MB - Yousendit mirror Low quality: AOA LQ WMV, 37 MB - Filefactory mirror AOA LQ WMV, 37 MB - Yousendit mirror Streaming version (low quality): AOA WMV, streaming - Google Video mirror (I would recomend you to download one of the x264 versions, they are by far in best quality. If you don't have a very good computer, try the 80 MB x264 version, which has a bitrate of 1250 kpb/s. For watching x264 you may need to use a media player like VLC or Windows Media Classics to get it to work.) Editor Tackleberry Stunters Brainkiller Corevil ExPlosion Falcon Fugitive Juan Kert Liviu NuclearDeath Ostis RAD Sadness Sweet Tackleberry Turtle Dick Scripting Fugitive (The first seconds of the stunting part was made with scripting, by Fugitive. The stunt wasn't made by scripting, but the helicopter flight and camera movement. The intro was made with vegas and cam hack in SA, no scripting there.) Other info The new crew collab featuring TMS and XSA is finally here. This probably the biggest project ever for both crews. Never before in the two crews has so many hours been put down on making a single video. Both in stunting and editing wise. I also don't think any of the crews have planned a video for so long in advance. Enough about that now, watch and enjoy. Visit GTAStunting.com
  12. Slayer, you're wrong about the bumps. For better bumps, you need a high speed, and you need the front wheel to touch the top of the ledge first. I updated my post, check it, it's much better: http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4956 For stunt vids and stunting stuff go to http://www.gtastunting.com/forums
  13. Fugitive

    Favorite stunt video?

    Best SA vid ever: TMS-XSA: As One Again Best VC vid ever: Aetas
  14. Fugitive

    [SA] As One Again

    Oh, so you think if you have made 6 vids you are God? Heh, when I started stunting I made about 5 vids, and guess what? I sucked balls. What the f*** dude, do them and then show me how easy them are... And, one more thing... the guys that think they are awsome and put nicknames like yours... they are totally the opposite... I've watched your vids here: http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.ph...ic=6389&hl= Dude, those were just random spins and flips, you don't even know how the lean forward button helps you (at least I didn't see in the vids)... and you call yourself GTA Master... ...sorry for being so rude, but that's the truth!
  15. Fugitive

    [SA] As One Again

    Haha, so hard things are boring?
  16. Fugitive

    [SA] CJ's Stunts

    I made a movie named "CJ's Stunts" For download: http://www.thegamersalliance.com/?do=dynamic&id=2341 If you don't have an account use this: username: guest292 password: 12345
  17. Fugitive

    My Stunt Movies

    Bah, don't post your vid in my topic! Make a new topic for yours. About the vid: I didn't like it, I didn't even watch it all, but I know a thing... it is definetly better than my first one. Join: www.gtastunting.com/forums
  18. Fugitive

    My Stunt Movies

    Say your opinion!
  19. Fugitive

    World Cup 2006 Thread

    France will win at penalty, I know they will.
  20. Fugitive

    My Stunt Movies

    Wow, 10 months of stunting, and I can't believe how shitty were my first vids now. Check my signature for some of my vids. (them aren't the newest, I'm too lazy to post my new ones) Sorry for this bump.
  21. Fugitive

    [VC] Community Stunt Vid

    Lol, do I have any reputation here? Just a bad one I think, because I posted only my first and my badest vids here. My best ones are on GTAStunting.com.
  22. Fugitive

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    All I want is a big city, and stunting engine. Oh, and some well made graphics, a better replay system, well-made missions and something that wasn't in the past GTA games yet.
  23. Fugitive

    [VC] Community Stunt Vid

    Can I be in? I have a double bump, a wallride, a backflip, and a P2B.
  24. Fugitive

    My CJ

    I want new clothes for stunting, and I can't find anything cool. If you have 5 minutes to spend, please help me. Choose some clothes for my CJ, or make some (edit the .txd files in Photoshop etc). Post here the savegame and the .txd Thanks in advance, I'm waiting.
  25. Fugitive

    New Movie

    Comment this one please: http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4923