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    Does it Turn You On?

    My new avatar!!! Jiggle boobies!
  2. JabbaWockeeZ

    My Mission Script Tutorial

    JAB your the man!
  3. JabbaWockeeZ


    You don't really have to put it in your GTA:SA directory...Just run it...
  4. JabbaWockeeZ

    I can't find my CD! :'(

    Damn! As soon as I found my Vice City for PC, suddenly my San Andreas Case and CD is LOST! Help needed!
  5. JabbaWockeeZ


    Hey dude, I'm helping my favorite server.
  6. :: SA-FE ::: San Andreas Freeroam Evolution [delux host] IP: Map: Stunt Drift Race DM Fly Fun Game: San Andreas Multiplayer
  7. JabbaWockeeZ

    My Final, Serious, Thoughts On Next GTA.

    I see a pattern 1+1=2 (2002) 2+2=4 (2004) 4+4=8 (2008) But I'm getting technical. Ha nice
  8. Go to www.google.com and search "14872629.dysneyporn.jpg" (with the qoutes)
  9. JabbaWockeeZ

    What are you listening to right now?

    What I've Done - Linkin Park
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    VCS Trivia

    Whats the last mission called?
  11. JabbaWockeeZ

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    Clowns Pocket Royale Casino Camels Toe Four Dragons Caligulas
  12. JabbaWockeeZ

    No girls! I'm warning you not to read this topic! :O

    Yeah no kids lol
  13. JabbaWockeeZ

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    Guess that would be Ciligulas, 4 dragon, ahh I forgot the rest
  14. JabbaWockeeZ

    GTA San Andreas:Weird Things

    Those are just lights nothing spookie about it
  15. JabbaWockeeZ

    Favorite Crime Leader

    Woozie FTW!!!
  16. JabbaWockeeZ

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    Hmmm The pyramid. (Not the one if Las Vegas) EDIT: DAMN I'm too late to answer
  17. JabbaWockeeZ

    Whats Your fave radio station..?

    I like The Vibe.
  18. JabbaWockeeZ

    This or that?

    Lambo FTW!
  19. JabbaWockeeZ

    I have a couple of questions before I change my IP Address

    If you wanna change your IP Address so much, you can just call you ISP and ask them to change your IP Address.
  20. Hi. I'm wanting a sig with my name on the bottom right corner flashing the whole time. Thank you to whoever volunteers
  21. JabbaWockeeZ

    [Request]Can someone make me a sig?[Request]

    Cool yeah. Can you send me the IMG code? (Send it to me in pm so no one else can use the sig) BTW I appreciate it!
  22. Try this,or this, or this.
  23. JabbaWockeeZ

    I found a vids with people talkin' on how to mod

    Well I've been seeing SOME people asking how to mod but wouldn't look through the pinned topics so I thought of making another for them to look out for.
  24. JabbaWockeeZ

    Plane Request

    I have found one in youtube. It had Hydra control. But the guy who uploaded that vid didn't send any link at all to download that mod. Keep your eyes peeled. Just check all the mods.