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  1. Anyone knows why this person is banned?

  2. Legionhelll2

    SA-MP help needed !

    To be honest i've had problem's with SAMP: so your not alone
  3. Legionhelll2

    Steam Tags

    HUH! what are you talking about.???????
  4. Legionhelll2

    GTA4 Cheats Video

    I have a cheat booklet so i don't need the video thnx anyway
  5. Legionhelll2

    airsoft /paintball

    On the holiday's i'm planing to try it thanks for the info.
  6. Legionhelll2

    favourite movie genre

    I like comedy and action :cigar: :cigar: :cigar: :cigar: :cigar: :cigar:
  7. Legionhelll2

    Only one infurnes..?

    Wtf are you talking about, my way is much quicker but has it's consuquences :cigar:
  8. Legionhelll2

    GTA IV trivia

    who started the topic jump to a new level of spirituality and pigieon plauge-these are there infection sites 5 1/2 days left
  9. Legionhelll2

    A new and upcoming parody!

  10. Legionhelll2

    The Cable Car (Spoilers)

    I've completed the game 6 times withe every possible ending and i have 4 extra accounts so mssion's or exploration isn't a problem
  11. Legionhelll2

    Downloadable Content Wishlist

    1.Planes like 25-35 or 40-50 independant planes 2.Upgraded ragdoll effect 3.Able to lock car 4.More shops e.g. ice cream stores, Bringing back ammunation 5.Schools and chirldren 6.able to rob stores like in saint's row 7.more websites 8.Advanced phone 9.ability to buy and sell cars, bikes, boats, bikes, planes etc. 10.R* made Midnight club right so why can't there be a midnight mode you can acces from your phone and More cheats