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  1. Or, the spawned Rancher was intended to be in the mission 'Lure', as it has black-tinted windows and the internal name is "mclure", and not only you can't export it, but you can't mod it either, something you can do with the normal Rancher.

    Now since rockstaridols forgot to ask something, again :P ...

    T/F: All Police Stations have a Police Maverick on the roof/helipad.

  2. Indeed, try to be a bit more clear.So far I understood that you have problems with the, front and back lights? You mean the headlights? If you want to turn them on/off, let me tell you it's impossible in game, only if you go in a dark place, such as some parts of a tunnel.Anyhow, there is a CLEO mod that allows you to turn them on.I just hope you did talk about the headlights.

  3. Well interesting discovery, I might try to see if I can hear horses too.And about the Epsilon cult, whoa, you got UNLIMITED sources where you can find about it.Just search 'Epsilon cult' on Google, and the first link should take ya to myepsilon.org, best website about this theme I found on the internet.

    And about Puerta Amarillas Valley, I have absolutely no idea.

  4. Well the only thing I know is that there IS a shark in the San Andreas files.I dunno how to find it, I searched for it too, but found nothing.I did search around Easter Basin, where it rumors to be swimming around, but no luck.Nonetheless, I believe there is a shark in the waters on San Andreas.

    Also, recently while I was 'playing' with some CLEO mod that lets you place objects wherever you want, I found, and surprisingly found it, right after the dolphin.It wasn't moving or anything else, I placed it in the water, but it wasn't alive.

    So, only thing you can do is keep searching, and if you DO find it, post some pics.[and please, DO NOT edit them in any way]

  5. I don't think you can advertise on forums mate.Recommend you read OUR rules before we read yours.

    Answer is: Nothing?

    In GTA III you can import tanks, emergency vehicles, etc.

    Won't go in details since this is a SA related topic.

    List five people CJ has killed. [important characters/antagonists]

    ALso, I got 666 posts! NATASMAI! :D

  6. Okay due to some problems, the upload will be tomorrow.Sorry guys, but anyway, let's hope I'll be done soon.

    Also, the next week Lore will be gone [camp, lol] so sorry again, but we won't have illustrations.Unless I find some temporary replacement.

    Anyway, I'm in a hurry, so see ya!

    EDIT: Due to some MORE problems, with the scanner and other stuff, we decided to take a 'break'.So, the next upload will be over two weeks.

    We just hope you'll be patient.


  7. Eh I think he speaks of... Europe, and treated like an... 'Old car in Cuba'[lol]

    Okay so I officially hate questions about radios! >.<

    Complete the muthaphukkin` sentence:

    _e _a_ __t _n he_l f__ a_l _ _i_e a ___k.

    Heh, hints: Sweet, about CJ, dislike, Introduction

    Made it easier for you guys.

  8. Episode 12! This one is pretty scary, as Jet will venture in a cemetery.

    EP. 12 - Don't Go In The Graveyard Alone

    • As the day passes, night time is closer.Tyson is still recovering, Sam was in the security room, reading comic books, Jet and Daemon were having an epic battle on the XBox 360, Sarah was still unpacking and trying on her new clothes and accessories, and Ace was in the repaired training room, practicing his target.Suddenly, the alarm was raised, and Sam asked everyone to get in the security room.
      *Daemon: What happened?!
      *Sam: We got a live video transmission!
    • On the screen was a dark, shadowy silhouette, apparently a woman, who's face was impossible to see, so was the rest of the body.
      *???: Hola! I heard you're the ones who will save the Earth... pat├ętico! You're just lucky Drake left you all alive, and I still don't know why.One thing is for sure, I won't! Haha! Meet me at midnight, in Cathedral City's Forest Lawn Cemetery.Vamos! I can't wait to meet you... hehehe... *end of transmission*
      *Tyson: Another one of his friends?
      *Ace: Hmm...
      *Jet: Heh, finally some action! Come on, let's get ready to face her! We'll go and...
      *Ace: No...
      *Jet: What?!
      *Ace: It's obviously a trap... and they think we're stupid enough to fall in it.Let them wait.We ain't going nowhere.
      *Jet: But...
      *Ace: I said no! Last time we were about to get slayed by that Cain guy! Who knows what specimen Drake sent this time.I hate to say it but, he is right, we need to be stronger.Until then, we won't accept his challenges anymore.
      *Jet: Ace, but...
      *Ace: Look! We have more important stuff to take care of! Tyson's wounded and needs treatment! We can't just go and fight who knows what, and let him here alone.We ain't going, and that's it!
    • After he said that, Ace left the room, and so did everyone else, exept Jet.He sat down on a chair, and, with his arms crossed, stared at the blank screen and said:
      *Jet: Jet Garcia ain't a coward... I'm gonna take care of this, either you like it or not, Ace...
      *Flazz: You're sure it's a good idea?
      *Jet: Of course I am! Come on, we'll wait 'till midnight.
    • Jet left the security room, and waited until midnight, when everyone was sleeping.He sneaked in the lab, got on Hexer and took the lift up to the hangar.Then, he went south towards Cathedral City.As he arrived there, he saw the Forest Lawn Cemetery, and parked Hexer outside.He went in the cemetery, and after some walking, he stopped.
      *Jet: I'm here! So, where are ya?!
      *Flazz: Yeah shout louder, maybe you'll wake up the dead!
      *???: You can say so, amigo.I'm surprised you actually came.Sad your other carnales aren't here, but I don't mind.
    • From behind a mausoleum, came the same dark silhouette, who was apparently carrying a scythe.It slowly advanced, to reveal her face.She was a dark dressed girl, with blond hair tied up in two tails.On her scythe were some blood drops.
      *Jet: Who are you?
      *???: My name is Senya Delano Rodriguez.And of course, I tamed myself a little alien.Here's Terrex, a name as deadly as my personality.
      *Jet: I see... that ugly thing is your friend?
      *Senya: Ugly?! Watch what you're saying! He might not speak much, but my scythe speaks for him.
      *Jet: Whatever! You're working for Drake?!
      *Senya: Of course I am! I do care about my beauty, eventualmente.I will be next to him when Earth will be destroyed.
      *Jet: Earth ain't gonna be destroyed! And you will be next to him, when you are all dead!
    • Jet charged his shotgun with fire, shooting fire bullets towards Senya, who ran around the cemetery avoiding the bullets.Suddenly, she disappeared, only to reappear behind Jet.She tried to cut his leg, but Jet managed to dodge the attack.Senya then quickly made a jump behind.Jet turned around, and fired once again towards Senya.This time, her scythe transformed into a shield, which blocked the bullets.
      *Jet: What the?
      *Senya: Haha! You didn't think I'm just a simple chica with a scythe, didn't you?! Usted no ha visto todo, nena!
    • Her scythe transformed into two katana swords, and she charged at Jet.As she was swinging one of the katana, Jet blocked it with his glove, but couldn't block the other one, which cut his leg.Jet uttered a pain scream, and fell down on his knees.
      *Senya: Haha, it's too simple!
      *Jet: Gah...
      *Senya: Get ready to see something really, especial.
    • Senya raised her two katanas in the air, which turned purple.She jumped high, and cut the air, provoking a vortex which sent out wind gusts at Jet, sending him in a tombstone.When she was about to attack again, Jet thought of a strategy, and as he was about to get hit again, he took his glove, and was propelled away from Senya's attack.As she was still trying to hit Jet, which kept using his new learned technique, when he saw an opening, Jet light his glove and gun on fire, and then quickly hit her in the belly with his glove, burning and wounding her.
      post-22219-054121000 1280595405_thumb.jpg
    • Senya screamed, and with an angry face, she turned her katanas back in a scythe, and once again, tried to hit Jet.After some more fighting, in which Jet exchanged hits with Senya, he once again saw an opening.He propelled himself towards her, trying to cut her with the glove.Senya, with her scythe, tried as well to cut Jet, and when the claws hit the scythe, a sound wave was provoked, sending them in different directions.Jet hit his neck on a tree, and his vision got blurry.Senya took advantage of this, and suddenly, Jet found himself with the scythe at his neck.
      *Senya: Pobre de usted, baby.Looks like I win! I guess I can cut your head off now!
      *Ace: *aims* Wouldn't do that if I were you...
      post-22219-030570000 1280595423_thumb.jpg
      *Senya: What?!
      *Jet: The fuck... Ace? The hell you doin' here?
      *Ace: Saving your ass, apparently! If you didn't let that communicator open, you wouldn't have awaken me! Consider yourself lucky, moron! Now, Bloody Mary, do us all a favor and get lost in the shadows.
      *Drake: Oooh, Ace.Again, you don't like the company I sent? You should know your future teammate better.
      *Ace: Told you, asshole! I ain't joining your group!
    • As Ace was busy with Drake, Senya quickly ran towards him, holding her bleeding belly.She jumped in Drake's arms, and smiled at him, with an evil affection towards him.
      *Senya: Miere, you didn't have to interfere.
      *Drake: Hmm... *slaps* I said I want them alive, not decapitated!
      *Jet: Crazy fuckin' couple!
      *Drake: We will meet again, friends.Remember my offer.As I told you, you have no other choice.
    • As fast as he came, Drake and Senya disappeared in the shadows.Ace then helped Jet get up, and as soon as he was on his feet, Ace punched him.
      *Jet: The fuck you did that for?!
      *Ace: You nearly got killed, idiot! Next time you should listen to my commands and not just jump into any fight!
      *Jet: Wasn't I punished enough?
      *Flazz: Not yet by me!
      *Ace: Come on, it's nearly 2 AM.I'm driving Hexer, since you can barely stand.
    • Ace took Jet back to the base, where they went back to sleep.The next morning, everyone met up in the living room and discussed about the event.
      *Sarah: Oh man, I still didn't finish unpacking! I'm so happy! Who knows what I can find!
      *Flazz: Didn't you buy anything to make you shut up?
      *Sarah: Say what you enlightened freak?!
      *Flazz: Nothing, ma'am!
      *Sner: So, Flazz, how's Jet?
      *Flazz: He's exhausted.Ace took care of his wounded leg, and now, I guess he's still lost in Wonder Land.
      *Sam: Wasn't really intelligent to go all by himself.
      *Tyrobali: Indeed, he could've get killed.You could've get killed too.
      *Flazz: I know... and that girl, and her Vectronian, Terrex, I saw evil in those eyes.It's like, those two were the same, same evil eyes...
      *Daemon: Well who knows what we can find in our path.
      *Sner: Right... this will be tough enough.
      *Sam: Yet, the battle has only begun.

    ... To be continued


    Senya Rodriguez:127b643.png

    THEME: Within Temptation - Stand My Ground <--- song is property of its owner, no copyright infringements

    Hope you enjoyed it!

    Notify of mistakes(honestly, do it, I might have trouble at Spanish so, hehe), also give suggestions.

    Also, we would love to see more people posting comments here, ask anything you want about the story, and we will answer.If you find any problem within the storyline, or dates and stuff like that messed up, or others like geographical mistakes [doubt], tell us.

    Also you can simply tell us 'You guys rock' or 'I luv AoS!'


    Okay joking this time, as I said above, you can like this, or dislike this.If you like it, then cheers, it means we are doing well, if not, at least give us some tips on how to improve.

    Last but not least, an artwork of Senya:

    post-22219-046520000 1280595283_thumb.jpg

    Oh and just to let you know, in the first artwork, Jet IS NOT asking Senya to marry him, lol. (said it, in case you think of that ^^)


  9. This is getting interesting as you go on to newer episodes.

    Keep up with yourselves guys.

    Actually,to me and Samil these are the old episodes.But i'm very glad you like them.

    LOL! Haha! Hey man don't forget it's not about us it's about the readers.They judge the story, we just think and write, they can like or dislike.

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