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  1. Okay so, due to the recent difficulties and delays, I decided to change the upload days from Tuesday and Friday to Wednesday and Saturday.

    Stay tuned.


    EDIT: Okay here's Ep. 11, I'll just let you read to find out what happens.

    • EP. 11 - Warning! High Voltage!
    • Before they went in the training room, Ace called Sam.
      *Ace: Sam!
      *Sam: Yes?
      *Ace: Deactivate the lasers and razors, please.
      *Sam: But how will he face the danger then?
      *Sarah: Wait! Lasers?! Razors?! What are you trying to do?! Kill him?! Listen to him and deactivate it all!
      *Sam: Roar... for you, I'd deactivate anyone here.
      *Ace&Tyson What?!
      *Jet(Distance): What the fuck did you say there, nerd?!
      *Sam: Err... I have some... scientific stuff to... do, so, bye!
    • After Sam deactivated the lasers and other obstacles, the three finally got in the training room.
      *Tyson: Whoa! It's so big and cool and... empty...
      *Ace: Here we go again... you know, I can always put the lasers back!
      *Tyson: No, no! Empty is better!
      *Ace: Then let's get going.So, you pretty much amazed us with your powers.Let's try and see if you can get these powers to a new level.In the next two days, you'll learn strategic attacks and powerful combos.You'll be powerful soon enough.
      *Tyson: Blah, blah... start already!
      *Ace: Sigh... *snaps fingers*
    • As he snapped his fingers, out of a trap door from the celing, fell a large log that nearly crash Tyson.
      *Tyson: Whoa!
      *Sarah: Aaa! What the?! This place is even crazier than my bro's bedroom! I should back off a bit, or more.
      *Ace: Now, what you have to do is light the log using your thunder.But pay attention, this log is special.I asked Sam to take a log of this kind especially for you.If you noticed, it's all wet.Now, burn it!
      *Tyson: Okay!
      *Sarah: I'll back off some more.
    • Tyson sent lightning bolts at the log, causing it to break up, but still no fire.He tried as hard as he could, but couldn't succeed.
      *Tyson: Haaaa!
      *Ace: Concentrate! Give all you can!
    • Tyson was giving in all he could, but still no flame.
      *Tyson: Gah... I'm too tired.I can't!
      *Ace: You're not concentrated! I wanna see flames!
      *Tyson: I'm trying! You don't need to yell at me!
    • And Tyson closed his eyes, tried to concentrate and suddenly he sent a bolt as powerful as he could, which finally light up the log.
      *Tyson: Gah... I... I did it!
      *Ace: Don't get so happy right now! I noticed you can't resist much when using your powers.Look how you breathe, you can't resist much! Second phase, ten laps around the room! Now!
      *Tyson: But it's huge! It'll take days do do only one lap... if I can at least have enough breath for a lap.
      *Ace: I said now!
      *Sarah: Don't you yell at my brother!
      *Ace: Shut up! You weren't even supposed to be here! Tyson's here to train, and that's what he'll do!
      *Sarah: But...
      *Tyson: Grrr... alright!
    • After ten laps, Tyson fell down on the floor, completely exhausted.Ace went at him crouched.
      post-22219-081850700 1280320271_thumb.jpg
      *Ace: Did I tell you to take a break?
      *Tyson: I'm exhausted...
      *Ace: Be a man! Earth's hope will lie in your hands one day, and you fall like a tired fatso down!
      *Tyson: Stop yelling at me! I've had enough! I'm exhausted!
      *Ace: Complaining? You can always give up, not that I care.
      *Tyson: Grrr...
      *Ace: Time to take your bat.
      *Tyson: *takes bat* Anything else, your Majesty?
      *Ace: Sam! Bring 'em!
    • From the same trapdoor of the ceiling, fell down some dummies, who randomly landed on the training field.
      *Ace: I've seen how you killed those five at the mall earlier today.Before you use your bat, kick one in the head.
      *Tyson: Why do it anyway?
      *Ace: Load the leg you'll use to kick it with some energy.
      *Tyson: Makes sense.
      post-22219-052661000 1280320247_thumb.jpg
    • Tyson ran towards a dummy, and with his leg filled with electricity, he kicked the dummy in the head, and because of the high voltage in the his leg, the dummy was sent on the other side of the room.
      *Ace: You sure didn't struggle on that one.Now, use your bat on the dummies.
      *Tyson: Damn, can't we go easy?!
      *Ace: Shut the fuck up and hit them, if you actually wanna become stronger!
    • Knowing that arguing with Ace is useless, Tyson charged his bat with electricity, and hit the floor, however he was too tired and the electricity didn't even reach the dummies.Tyson kept trying, but as he tried, he was even more exhausted.As hours passed, Ace kept yelling at Tyson, until Tyson got up from the floor, exhausted, with his eyes shining and hands charged.
      *Tyson: Enough! I said I'm tired! Go to hell and leave me alone!
    • As he was yelling, he lost control, and was sending red electricity bolts all around.The bolts were so strong the walls were about to collapse.Ace was watching everything, stunned by Tyson's power.Seeing everything on the surveillance camera, Sam raised the alarm, and Jet and Daemon quickly got into the training room.
      post-22219-045864200 1280320260_thumb.jpg
      *Sam(Radio): Hurry! Before something bad happens!
      *Tyrobali: I sense something bad...
      *Sner: So do I... Daemon, let's try and stop Tyson!
      *Jet: I'll take care of Sarah!
    • Jet took Sarah out of the training room, and Daemon tried to stop Tyson.He transformed into a cheetah, but not even his feline agility helped him against Tyson.Suddenly, Sam came in the room with a syringe in his hand.
      *Sam: Take this!
      *Ace: Tranquilizers? Good idea, Sam!
    • Ace loaded his gun with a tranquilizer, fired at Tyson, directly hitting him.Tyson fell down asleep.Ace then took him in his room.When he woke up, Tyson noticed he was in his bed, with everyone surrounding him.
      *Tyson: What happened?
      *Ace: Hmm...
      *Jet: You nearly killed us all!
      *Tyson: Again... what... happened?
      *Sarah: You lost control of your powers!
      *Ace: Well... I think it's my fault afterall.Sorry I was so serious, kid.
      *Tyson: Forget it, I had fun... hehe...
      *Ace: Yeah, after that kinda show, your training is over.All you need to do is learn to control your powers.
      *Sam: And... red lightning bolts? Something pretty unusual...
      *Daemon: But pretty cool, you know?
      *Flazz: Yeah, some nice fireworks!
      *Sner: So nice it nearly destroyed the training room.I have a theory... I think your lightning bolts are changing its color and power depending on your mood.Like, when you were training, you were angry, tired, that would result in red bolts.
      *Sam: Hmm... I'm curious how many other kinds of bolts you can create.
      *Daemon: We all do.
      *Tyrobali: Just don't scare us all, okay?
      *Tyson: Yeah, okay, T.B.!
      *Sarah: Ace, no more training for a while okay?
      *Ace: Yeah, after that show, he's pretty tough.
      *Jet: Come on now, he's exhausted.Let him rest.
      *Sner: Okay, everyone out then.
    • Outside Tyson's room, the rest were discussing about Tyson's anger.
      *Sarah: Guys... the reason why Tyson is so angry is all caused by the death of our parents.After the accident, he was traumatized.After that day, he wasn't the same.I fear something bad will happen one day...
      *Ace: Don't worry... I won't let Tyson do anything, nor anything will happen to him.No matter what...
      After the discussion, each went to their rooms for some sleep.The next day went quick, without any alerts.

    ... To be continued

    No new characters

    Hope you enjoyed it!

    Notify of mistakes, also give suggestions.

    Okay now the second thing, we want to thank everyone who reads this for the 1,000 views! [WOO HOO!!!1!!one!1]

    Honestly at least we are sure people are still reading this, and special thanks to Alvas who is one of our respected readers.Of course he isn't the only one, that's why I thank everyone! :)

    Cheers, people!

  2. Sorry but I asked the highest point in LAS VENTURAS, not BONE COUNTY or TIERRA ROBADA[wherever Arco del Oeste is located].

    I'll answer to your question, but my question will still be on.

    A: LV Airport, KACC Military Fuels

    A2: Mt. Chiliad, Garage in Palomino Creek, near uphill from El Quebrados

  3. Loan sharks will call CJ and force him to pay his debt, and if it ain't paid, they'll go after him with Micro-SMGs and AK-47s.Also they carry a lot of cash, so it's easy to pay the debt after.

    Q: What is the building from which Madd Dogg was about to jump? Name it and the district, also the number of civilians present at the scene in the mission 'Madd Dogg'.

  4. Well people, because of some other unexpected problems, I think we'll delay with the upload.I don't exactly know when we'll post, all I know is that we have tons of problems, but nothing that can't be solved! :)


    EDIT: Okay ready, first of all I'm afraid this will be the only episode for this week.Second, maybe next week [i think] we'll post 3 episodes [but, found out I might actually leave on Sunday, I dunno now]

    Anyway, Episode 10! Ace and the Murrays are out for... shopping! :P Questions come, why did they go out to the mall, and... will Sarah ever get out of there... with less than 50 bags? Read to find it out! Also... what will happen after the trip to the mall?

    Also the illustrations in this one were pretty well made and funny! :D And I say it not as the writer of the story and teammate of Lore, but as someone who critiques her.

    You're reading... Ace of Spades!

    EP. 10 - Shopping Session

    • The next morning, as everyone got up, they went in the kitchen for breakfast.
      *Tyson: Morning, guys! What are you eating here?
      *Jet: Please don't ask...
      *Ace: Morning, people! Since we're free, with no heat on us, I've decided to celebrate with... Sam, get in!
      *Sam: Hold on, ouch!
    • Sam came in the room, with ten boxes in his hands.Suddenly he lost his balance and fell down.From one of the box fell ten buckets of KFC crispy strips.
      *Tyson: Whoa! Check that!
      *Jet: Who are you and what did you do with Ace?! Whatever you did, thank you! Finally some healthy food! No more cereals and shit! I actually thought you don't care about my stomach's health.Let's eat!
      *Sam: Wait, isn't someone missing?
      *Tyson: Sigh... not again.And I thought bears hibernate too much...
    • They started eating, and after ten minutes, Sarah finally arrived.As she was about to sit, she noticed a panda bear right next to her.
      *Daemon: Hey pretty lady! I'm a panda! I love hugs! Hug me!
      *Sarah: What the... Daemon! *punch*
      *Daemon: Aaah!
    • Sarah's punch sent Daemon flying to the other side of the room, leaving him unconscious.The others were left with their mouths wide open, and watched as Sarah was calmly eating.
      *Jet: Err... okay...
      *Daemon: He... hehehe... Twinkle, Twinkle... what a big star!
      *Sam: Ouch...
      *Sarah: Hmpf...
    • Sam and Jet helped Daemon get up and went to the bathroom to stop his bleeding, meanwhile, in the kitchen.
      *Ace: Well, Tyson.You said you like baseball?
      *Tyson: A lot!
      *Ace: Well I thought we could use the FBI's funds a bit, you know... come one let's go!
      *Sarah: Oh no! You ain't going nowhere with my brother! I'm coming too!
      *Ace: Sigh... very well... Jet! We're leaving!
      *Jet(Distance): What?! Where?!
      *Ace: Who are you, my mother?! I don't have to tell you where we're going!
      *Jet(Distance): Son of a!
      *Ace: Whatever, you stay here and, clean this mess!
      *Jet(Distance): Yeah, the biker has to do it all!
      *Ace: See ya! Oh and, we're taking Daemon's car!
      *Daemon(Distance): Twinkle... Wait, what?!
      *Ace: Don't worry it'll be in one piece! Later!
    • Ace, Tyson and Sarah got in the SUV, and went back in Los Angeles.There, they checked the map and found the location of Puerte Hills Mall, in Industry.There, they parked outside, and as soon as everyone got out, they heard a loud shout that broke the windows of the surrounding cars.
      *Ace: Ah what the?!
      *Tyson: Bad idea!
      *Ace: What?!
      *Sarah: Aaaaaaaaah! Mall! Oh my! It's so awesome and... ahem.Mall, let's just finish what we're here for and, leave.
      *Tyson: Oh... my ears!
    • They explored the mall, with Sarah in the lead.While walking, they discussed the true reason they were here.
      *Tyson: So... why are we here?
      *Ace: You'll see... hey Sarah, why don't you explore a bit around?
      *Tyson: Bite your tongue!
      *Ace: What?
      *Tyson: Are you crazy or what?! Leaving her in a mall, it's like letting a rabid animal in a meat factory!
      *Ace: Can't be that bad! Here, here's 50 thousand bucks, enjoy yourself!
      *Sarah: Oh, thanks Ace! Later!
    • Sarah quickly dissapeared in the crowd.Ace and Tyson kept walking, until they reached a Sports Shop.There, they explored inside, and found some baseball bats.
      *Ace: So, today I'll get you a baseball bat!
      *Tyson: Cool! It'll be my 45th!
      *Ace: Hey you can buy the whole shelf.It's the government's money, so feel free to buy all the malls on the West.Okay... so, how about this one?
      *Tyson: Cheap wood.
      *Ace: This one?
      *Tyson: Cheap plastic.
      *Ace: Then, this one?
      *Tyson: Hmm... looks great! But, cheap price.No.
      *Ace: Sigh... excuse me!
      *Owner: Yes?
      *Ace: Do you have any special bat? Something expensive, never-before seen, you know.
      *Owner: I might do.Follow me.
    • Ace and Tyson followed the shop owner into the storage room, which was pretty small.
      *Tyson: I can't breathe!
      *Owner: Shhh...
    • The owner pulled a hidden lever, which opened a door in the wall.They went through that wall, and saw some baseball bats hung on the wall.
      *Tyson: Whoa! Some nice looking bats!
      *Ace: Pretty awesome!
      *Owner: This is the best! 100% enforced oak wood.The best you can ever find on this planet.
      *Ace: Well, how much does it cost?
      *Owner: Not too much, only half a million.
      *Ace: Not a problem, here's the...
      *Tyson: Wait, I don't like it!
      *Ace: What?!
      *Owner: What?!
      *Tyson: I like this one!
      *Owner: That's made of aluminum, you sure want it?
      *Tyson: Yeah, I do!
      *Ace: Fine, here's the cash.
      *Owner: Wait, you gave me half a million, this is only twenty five thousand.
      *Ace: Keep the change.
      post-22219-076138000 1279787170_thumb.jpg
      *Owner: Cash for a new car!
      *Ace: Fine, here's the cash...
      *Tyson: I like this one! Oooh yeah I do! I like it, I like it!
      *Ace: Okay, okay... Jesus Christ... well, thank you! Let's go, little fella!
      *Tyson: What... did you say?
      *Ace: Err... whatever! Come on your sis might be waiting.
      *Tyson: With half of the mall in her bag.
    • They went back in the mall and met Sarah, who was carrying over ten bags with clothes and jewelries.
      *Tyson: Whoa... told ya!
      *Ace: Damn... you were right with the rabid animal.
      post-22219-029882800 1279787202_thumb.jpg
      *Sarah: Thanks again for the cash.
      *Ace: Don't thank me, thank the FBI.
      *Tyson: Maybe I'll get a chance to test this.
      *Ace: Test what?
      *Woman: Aaah! Creatures!
      *Tyson: Time to try it!
    • Suddenly, from the top floor of the mall, five mutants fell down, and surrounded the gang.As Ace was about to take out his gun and load it with energy, he was stopped by Tyson.
      *Tyson: Wait... don't use your Swiss cheese attack.
      *Ace: Swiss cheese? That's a nice name for it! But anyway, why?
      *Tyson: You'll blow the whole floor! Think sometimes!
      *Ace: So how can you stop it then, genius?!
      *Tyson: A fine way, less time consuming.
    • Tyson took his bat and lunged at the creatures.He found himself surrounded by them, so he charged his bat with energy, and hit the floor.The impact sent five energy bolts through each creature, making their heads blow up.
      *Tyson: Less time consuming, more gore.
      post-22219-019034500 1279787184_thumb.jpg
      *Ace: Good job!
      *Tyson: I took the aluminum bat especially for this.It's all complicated 8th grade physics.
      *Sarah: Saw enough, can we go back?
      *Ace: Oh? Yeah, sure!
      *Man: Our heroes!
      *Woman: Thank you!
      *Ace: Don't thank me, thank the kid!
      *Tyson: Haha! Thanks everyone!
      *Ace: Come on, Superman!
    • They got back in the car, but after they answered some questions from some journalists.On their way back, they were discussing about all the recent attacks.
      *Ace: Something is weird, though...
      *Tyson: How's that?
      *Ace: All these attacks... I thought we lost the Vectronians when we got rid of the chips.
      *Tyson: Chips? What chips?
      *Ace: Long story... but everywhere we go, it's like we always find them, or they find us.
      *Tyson: Maybe they're only by coincidence, or maybe Drake is somehow finding us.
      *Ace: Maybe... but it's like that, why didn't he send his minions here to get rid of us?
      *Tyson: Well it may have something to do with that offer of his.Maybe he's trying to test us, make us more powerful.
      *Ace: What makes him think I'll join him anyway?
      *Tyson: I don't know, but I sure won't join.
      *Sarah: You better don't!
      *Tyson: Ah, sis...
      *Sarah: Don't wanna see my bro on the wrong side of the tracks.
      *Ace: He ain't gonna join Drake.No one will.Anyway, we'll waste our next two days training, okay Tyson?
      *Tyson: Okay!
    • They got back at the base, and went inside via the hangar.They parked the car, and went in the living room, where they found leftovers, cereal bowls thrown around, destroyed furniture, and Jet, Sam and Daemon asleep.
      *Ace: What the fuck?! What have you done, idiots?! I told ya to clean up!
      *Sam: Wha... Ace? Ace! Err... I was... I mean we, err... surprise!
      *Ace: Clean the kitchen!
      *Sam: Yes, boss! Of course, boss! Don't kill me, boss!
      *Ace: Daemon, what the fuck?!
      *Daemon: Eh? Oh man...
      *Ace: We weren't gone even for an hour and you... god dammit!
      *Daemon: Oh, err... sorry, man!
      *Ace: Throw all the beer cans away and other shit on the floor! Jet, get moving! Clean up the room!
      *Jet: What... man, fuck you!
      *Ace: *aims* Won't ask nicely again!
      *Jet: Yes, boss! Of course, boss! I'm sorry, boss!
      *Ace: I love my job!
      *Sarah: I think you guys should get to work too.
      *Tyson: Hey they wrecked the place! Why should we do the work?
      *Sarah: Now before I slap your eyes out of your heads!
      *Tyson&Ace: Yes, ma'am! Of course, ma'am!
      *Sarah: Now, to unpack!
    • After the base was clean, and Sarah unpacked everything she bought, they went in the living room.
      *Sam: Hey we forgot about these!
      *Ace: Oh, the badges!
      *Sam: One for each! *throws*
      *Jet: How do these work?
      *Ace: You hide them behind your jacket.It's also a radio transmitter.Did you forget everything?
      *Jet: I wasn't even listening!
      *Everyone: *facepalm* Idiot!
      *Jet: Hey, fuck you all!
      *Ace: Shut up... well, Tyson, let's get to training.The rest of you watch what you're doing.
      *Sarah: Wait, I'm coming with you, too! Who knows what you might to do my bro.
      *Ace: Oh I thought of cutting his throat.Haha!
      *Sarah: Not funny! *punch*
      *Ace: Ouch!
    • They went to the training room, and Ace got himself a tissue to clean his nose of blood.
      ... To be continued

    No new characters

    Hope you enjoyed it!

    Notify of mistakes, also give suggestions.

    NEXT EPISODE: Sometime next week

  5. 9th Episode.In this one, they discuss about the Murrays' past, and find a new enemy.

    Again, cheers to Lore for the illustrations, we hope you like them! :)

    EP. 9 - Respect

    • The gang arrived at the base, and as it was late, they went in the dining room for dinner.While eating, they discussed about Tyson and Sarah's life.
      *Ace: So Tyson, Sarah, what's your story?
      *Tyson: Well, it all started just some weeks ago.My parents were killed in a car accident, one on purpose... the one that hit them was a crazy asshole.It happened right outside our house... they left to a restaurant, since it was... their 11th anniversary... I saw the guy speed up towards them, hit them, and then he got out of the car.He took a gun and shot my parents... as it wasn't enough they were about to die, he made sure they die... I tried to help my parents, but that guy pointed his gun at me.He shot my in my hand.Sarah took me away, and we tried to run away.At a distance we saw how the police surrounded him.That guy was killed, but not before he also killed around three cops.
    • As they heard his story, the room was quiet.Then, Ace asked:
      *Ace: So... you got any hobby?
      *Tyson: Baseball! Since I was four I love baseball.
      *Ace: And you, Sarah?
      *Sarah: Nothing...
      *Ace: Okay... well since we're done, let's take you to your room.
      *Sarah: Hmpf... about time...
      *Sam: Wow, I love those with personality...
    • Ace took the two brothers to their room.
      *Ace: Sorry, but we didn't know we'll have two new members, so this is the last room.And, only a bed.
      *Sam: But of course, Sarah can always sleep with me.Roar...
      *Sarah: You son of a... *slap*
      *Sam: Ow...
      *Tyson: Well, I'll sleep on the floor, sis.
      *Sarah: No Tyson, you sleep in the bed.I'll sleep on the floor.
      *Tyson: You're the girl, you sleep in the bed.
      *Sarah: Well I'm the older girl so listen to me!
      *Tyson: Oh yeah?! Who has electrical powers?!
      *Sarah: Who has the power to slap your head off?!
      *Ace: Sigh... what can we do now?
      *Sam: Well, you do know we have some backup beds, right?
      *Ace: No...
      *Sam: Err... okay then...
    • Ace and Sam went in the lab, and took an elevator to a storage room.There, they thought of a way to take the bed upstairs.
      *Ace: How to you plan to take all these stuff upstairs?
      *Sam: I'll just use my new invention.I call it the furni-decrease! It's a simple laser, that can make furniture as tiny as an ant.Then, we just have to take it upstairs, make it bigger, and done.
      *Ace: Brilliant idea! Let's take that bed!
    • Sam fired the laser at the bed, making it tiny, and Ace picked it up.They went back upstairs, and in the Murrays' bedroom.Sam again fired the laser, returning the bed to its original size.
      *Ace: Well that'll be all.Good night now!
      *Tyson: Good night, guys!
      *Sarah: Hm...
    • Everyone went to their rooms, an in their bed.At 2:05 AM, Daemon got up, and went in the kitchen to get a snack.He then sit down in the living room, watching TV.As he was changing channels, he saw the news.
      *Reporter: We are live from Las Vegas, where a masked maniac is terrorizing the city! The man jumps everywhere, and kills everything in his way! He's so fast he can avoid the police officers' bullets! And... aah!
      *???: Haaahaaa! Didn't have this fun in my life! Haayaaaa!
      *Reporter: This man is out of control! He has a sword in each hand, and slays everything with the! Authorities are trying to negociate with him, but he ignores everything! No one knows what's with him and why he's on a rampage!
      *Daemon: Oh shit! *sounds alarm*
    • Daemon pressed the alarm button, alerting the whole base.Everyone woke up and went in the living room where Daemon was.Soon, Jet arrived too, with toilet paper attached to his pants.
      *Jet: Aww... why bother me? I was busy with... err... you just interrupted me from something important!
      *Ace: Err... yeah we noticed.So, what's the problem, Daemon?
      *Daemon: Look at this! These is a live broadcast from Las Vegas! Check that crazy motherfucker!
      *Sam: He's fast...
      *Tyson: Yeah he's avoiding those bullets so easy.
      *Ace: Well... he might be controlled by a symbiote.
      *Jet: Wait... scroll back!
      *Daemon: What? Okay... so what did you see?
      *Jet: Stop here! You see that?
      *Tyson: Err... see what? Oh... I've seen it.
      *Sam: That explains the agility and speed.
      *Ace: Nice one, Jet! He's hidden his Vectronian, but not his tail.
      *Sam: I'm getting the ship ready!
      *Ace: Everyone! Equip up! We're going on a mission.
      *Jet: Fuck...
    • Everyone got changed, and went to the hangar.They got in the ship, and flew to Las Vegas, Nevada.After a while of flying, they found themselves right above the city.Sam landed the ship on a building, and Jet and Tyson got on Hexer and jumped off the building.Daemon transformed into a hawk, and followed Jet.So did Ace, using his wings.They all landed on the street, and surrounded the maniac.The killer was a tall black haired man, with his hair over the eyes, a blue jacket, camouflage pants, and equipped with two Scimitars.
      *Ace: What's your problem?!
      *???: My problem? I'm just playing with people! It's fun!
      *Jet: Come on, Tarzan! Face us if you're so tough!
      *???: Haaahaaahaa! Get ready!
    • As he finished his sentence, he ran towards Jet.Jet tried to shoot him, but every time he missed because of his speed.The mysterious killer ran towards a small building, and ran on the wall to the roof.
      post-22219-073127700 1279294496_thumb.jpg
      *Ace: Pretty impressive.You got a name?
      *???: Haaahaaaa! I am Cain! Cain Alban! Most inmates call me, 'Butcher'.This is my little friend, Alfor.
      *Alfor: Heheheh... check that, the happy triangle! Tyrobali, Sner, and Flazz, if I remember right.
      *Sner: Alfor... still the same maniac as always.
      *Alfor: Now, I've doubled my power with my friend! Get ready to die!
      *Cain: Haaaahaaaaahaaa!
      *Tyson: Damn, he's pretty insane...
    • Cain once again charged towards the gang, and Ace tried to shoot him.Tyson shot some lightning bolts too, but even those weren't as fast as Cain.As he gave another try, he hit Cain in the leg, paralyzing him.
      post-22219-013183900 1279294651_thumb.jpg
      *Cain: What?!
      *Tyson: Ha!
      *Ace: Heheh...
      *Daemon: Nice stuff kid, paralysis.My turn...
    • Daemon turned into a tiger, and ran at Cain, biting him by the same leg that was hit by the bolt.Then, he transformed into a human again.
      *Daemon: Disgusting! Again!
      *Cain: Haaahaaa! If I can't move, you won't either!
    • Cain took his blades, and then suddenly turned blue.He then hit the ground with them, sending a glacial wave around, freezing the surrounding area on a distance of two meters, including Tyson's and Daemon's feet, making them unable to move.
      *Daemon: Oh, cool...
      *Tyson: Damn! I'll...
      *Daemon: Don't you'll kill us both!
      *Tyson: Darn...
      *Jet: I'll handle it!
    • Jet speed up towards Cain, with a fire spear.The fire melted the ice around Daemon and Tyson, freeing them.Jet then shot Cain, however his bullets were blocked by the Scimitars.Jet jumped off Hexer, which hit Cain, sending him back.He then charged towards him with his glove, but only to be once again blocked by Cain.Then, Cain kicked him in the stomach, and ran on top of a building.
      *Jet: Pretty coward I'd say!
      *Drake: Are you playing nice?
      *Ace: That voice!
    • Suddenly, right next to Cain appeared a shadow, and out of it Drake.He went forward, and after an evil laugh, he said:
      *Drake: Consider it a favor! After all, my team will lead Vectron to victory, and Earth to doom!
      *Ace: What are you doing here?!
      *Jet: So that's Drake... damn, I like the coat, where'd ya get it?
      *Tyson: *facepalm* Idiot! We don't have to socialize with the enemy!
      *Drake: I see you already met my friend.He's only one of my, teammates.As soon as I've seen him, I knew he's perfect to kill.Even if he missed some birds from the nest, I knew he'll be useful.Speaking of the team, you'll soon be part of it, but not yet...
      *Daemon: We ain't gonna join your team of motherfuckers!
      *Ace: Heard enough!
    • Ace loaded his gun with energy, and fired at Drake, but only to miss, as Drake easily avoided the bullet.
      *Drake: Ace, Ace... I'm not here to fight you.Just wanted you to meet my friend.Keep thinking at that offer, since you have no choice.Au revoir, hope we'll meet again.
      *Cain: Was a pleasure to meet you! Haaaahaaa!
    • Drake took out his metallic wings, and disappeared in the shadows.Cain also jumped in the air, and disappeared.Soon, Sam landed and everyone was getting ready to leave when...
      *SWAT: Hey you guys, thanks... we couldn't have done it without you.That guy could've kill half of Vegas if you weren't here.
      *Jet: Damn, cops! *aims*
      *Ace: Lower your gun, dumbass! Well, you're welcome.Tho, some people did die today.
      *SWAT: Indeed, around ten people were killed, and other stuff like cars and buildings were destroyed completely.But the city is safe now, so thank you.
      *Tyson: Yeah, you're welcome.Let's go, guys.
      *???: Hold on a second.
      *Ace: Huh?
      *???: My name is Robert Eckhart, from FBI.We've been investigating these mysterious disappearances.Everywhere we saw weird stuff, you were there to solve them, at least that's what I think.I hate to say it but, you're not the bad guys.We need your help against the alien invasion.
      *Jet: How do you know of the invasion?
      *Sam: They're FBI! They know even the size of your underwear!
      *Ace: What's in it for us?
      *Robert: Well, we'll delete your criminal activity from the database, all crimes will be forgotten, you'll freely go through the states.Do anything to stop the invasion, destroy anything, only save Earth... we can hide everything.
      *Ace: Well... anything else?
      *Robert: FBI funds.
      *Jet: Whoa!
      *Daemon: Damn!
      *Tyson: National money! Ace, they're offering money, come on let's help 'em!
      *Ace: Hmmm... pretty interesting... but I dunno if...
      *Robert: You'll also get cookies and milk.
      *Ace: Deal!
      *Robert: Okay, here are your badges.These are communicators, as well.So you're five right?
      *Ace: Yeah and...
      *Tyson: Oh man we forgot Sarah!
      *Jet: Hey she must be sleeping now.
      *Ace: Aha, well just for anything, we'll take a whole crate of badges.
      *Robert: Okay... here it is.We'll contact you if we need you.By the way, we've sent some cash in each of your bank account.
      *Tyson: But I don't have one!
      *Robert: You do now.
      *Tyson: Cool!
      *Sam: Come on already! We have to sleep too!
      *Robert: Good night, then.
      Everyone applauded them, then they got on the ship, and went back to the base.There, they noticed Sarah was still asleep, so they left the crate in the living room, and each went to sleep.

    ... To be continued


    Cain Alban: cd45867.png

    THEME SONG: Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name Of <--- song is property of its owner, no copyright infringements


    Robert Eckhart:d07e744.png

    No Theme Song

    Hope you enjoyed it!

    Notify of mistakes, also give suggestions.

    NEXT EPISODE: 21/07/2010

  6. Cheers, Alvas! :D

    Vlad just told me: 'This was the best episode yet... I told ya that once Drake's in the story, everything will be good'.I think it's the best since it's big, has action, drama, comedy, shit etc.

    Glad you enjoyed it!

    Thanks! This is a thanks from the whole team. :)


  7. Miles, I didn't know the brass knuckle counts as 3 lol.And... Easter Bay Airport is the name.Haha!

    And, Strike9, sorry but you're wrong you get the gimp suit in the mission 'Key to her heart'.Won't go into details.

    T/F: In gang wars, the enemies drop Health and Armor pickups, as well as guns.

  8. RC Cam.

    Q: What does CJ like to read?

    HINT: Ace, Of, Spades

    Lol the one above was a joke! xD

    Sorry couldn't resist it!

    Q: After a certain mission, at Toreno's ranch, some weapons will appear.Name them, their type [pistol, SMG etc.], and the mission after which they spawn.And optional, the ammo you get from each.

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