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  1. Fine, it's true. T/F: Tommy can lose his head, but will still be playable.
  2. lol @ Skip Trip. Where in Las Venturas is the 'Last Venturas Bandits Stadium'?
  3. Actually, he DID use a Desert Eagle to kill Diaz.Watch the cutscene. As for your question... I think it's canceled. Where do you first meet Avery Carrington?
  4. Enough passes lol. T/F: Lance Vance uses a Desert Eagle to kill Diaz.
  5. I had to ask something anyway. Q: Where can you find a UFO?
  6. Uh... 1. Guy hanging in the background. 2. Cool black dressed guys with cooler weapons. 3. Tommy's past. 4. The beginning of a new GTA game. lol. Any of those above are okay? xD
  7. By 'anywhere' you mean normal gameplay? Or this includes mods, etc.
  8. Uh... I think it's the skateboard. Not sure so not asking anything until my answer is confirmed.
  9. AK-47 and/or 9mm. How can you obtain body armor?
  10. Let's keep this up. @amazingdude Mmm... the VCPD Cheetah is one, as for the other two, I don't know exactly... How about we skip this? T/F: You can get on Escobar Int'l. without the use of a helicopter.
  11. TUN3R, let's not forget you asked something before and still didn't get an answer. Uh, purple maybe?
  12. On a billboard~ T/F: The bridge part that was destroyed by Tenpenny's firetruck can be destroyed by the player way before the final mission.
  13. Well, here's an old complete the sentence. > ???: _e_ y__ a_ou_d __k_ a _on_t _a_l! Hint: You can eat it.
  14. Madd Dogg's crib and the Abandoned AC Tower I think~ Q: In 'Cesar Vialpando', while arguing with Sweet, Kendle picks up a small jar.What's written on it?
  15. Just got Assassin's Creed Revelations... Won't be out of my room for a while. :D

  16. 5 seconds doesn't mean an instant. @amazingdude Technically true... unless we add other vehicles that become BP/FP/EP/DP after certain missions or such. Pass.
  17. True I guess... unless we add rocket launchers too? Here's an easy one: T/F: During the 'Black Project' mission, there are some soldiers dancing in the hangar.
  18. Verdant Meadows, Area 69, Ganton, Easter Basin Naval Station and... LVPD garage~ Here's a hard one. Q: Who's the protagonist?
  19. It will fall down.Might also try to get back to its original position. Q: How can you restore your health bar?
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