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  1. robsyb

    GTA Movie Started... and Cancelled

    wow that would be SO cool, but i dont think Eminem would be very good for the lead role
  2. robsyb

    New gta san myth:Secret valley?

    dont we have enough myths in gta sa already?
  3. yeah i agree with this one i end up walking out most of the time lol
  4. ha ha i haven't seen it
  5. robsyb

    ghost car

    why do people call them 'ghost cars'? there's nothing different about them other than there smashed up
  6. robsyb

    Missing Island...

    isnt there a boat around there? thats what i usually see there
  7. robsyb

    whats with this beagle?

    i know, it's weird innit? it has absolutely no purpose ... other than to blow it up!
  8. robsyb

    Epsilon Discovery

    epsilon's pretty weird, but i dont think it means anything
  9. hey im robsyb luvin san andreas too lol

  10. robsyb

    Grand Theft Afthermath

    i think it's really said thinking that they've all died. i like to think some of them are still out there there's a really cool pic on deviantart of all the characters together which i thought was good
  11. robsyb

    Introduce Yourself..

    i'm not exactly new here but i've never posted