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    gta games are 17+. ?

    Isnt it stupid??? I'm the creater of this forum and Im 13 Do ur parents care you play such a game? mine don't!!! -why is it 17+ WHY???
  2. GrooveKing

    Post Your CJ

    There u go -new era cap -adio shirt -baggy pants -gold chain -nice car -homey -etnies(cant see) cool5.bmp
  3. GrooveKing

    What do you think about the new game.

    Well Guys Whate the FUCK?????? GTA for DS?????????????? Its like guitar hero for DS which is crap LOL rockin with the stick!!!!! Im not getting it! I HATE DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh by the way its probably going to be rated 17+ so WTF??? >.< >.< >.< >.< >.< >.< >.<
  4. If the peds in your game have done some wierd shit then post it here
  5. GrooveKing

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    Does wu zi mu aka the blind Asian dude play golf?
  6. Holy shit! when I was playing a ped ran onto the train tracks and the train hit him And also a ped ran into the water
  7. Ya by the tiny train in san fierro i got stuck in it and kept on doing the health cheat!!