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    Vice City Stories
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    I like to ride my BMX :D

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  1. @NickS Yeah, but I gotta divide the 'Happy Birthday' in two now, lol.

    Happy Birthday, Z! :)

  2. V Rock,much better than in VC and I just love how Couzin Ed makes fun of Lazlow.Plus really great songs
  3. in a pub during the mission "first date" who is Mike Toreno? Mike Toreno is a guy who works for the government. Is that enough? How many radio stations are there in the game? 11:sf-ur,radio ls ,k-dst, k-rose,radio-x,csr,K-jah,bounce fm,playback,master sounds,WCTR if you add your own music,then 12 Write 5 songs from Master Sounds(please without help from another site)
  4. if you're thinking of Vice City Stories or Liberty City Stories, then you're wrong.they are mentioned as vice city and liberty city. If you're thinking of chinatown wars,then you're right I'm still not sure about mine because i'm trying vice city stories in about 2 days from now , but untill then, vice city is my fav.
  5. in a pub during the mission "first date" who is Mike Toreno?
  6. Alright! Now I can share my Birthday with someone else!

  7. whos that lady in pic! lol

  8. Whos that girl in your avatar :D

  9. Nice personal pic..what bmx is that if you don't mind me asking..? (:

  10. Ran Fa Li does the translator for Ran Fa Li (Su Xi Mu) present himself?
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