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  1. There u go -new era cap -adio shirt -baggy pants -gold chain -nice car -homey -etnies(cant see) cool5.bmp
  2. Well Guys Whate the FUCK?????? GTA for DS?????????????? Its like guitar hero for DS which is crap LOL rockin with the stick!!!!! Im not getting it! I HATE DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh by the way its probably going to be rated 17+ so WTF??? >.< >.< >.< >.< >.< >.< >.<
  3. Isnt it stupid??? I'm the creater of this forum and Im 13 Do ur parents care you play such a game? mine don't!!! -why is it 17+ WHY???
  4. Does wu zi mu aka the blind Asian dude play golf?
  5. Holy shit! when I was playing a ped ran onto the train tracks and the train hit him And also a ped ran into the water
  6. If the peds in your game have done some wierd shit then post it here
  7. Ya by the tiny train in san fierro i got stuck in it and kept on doing the health cheat!!
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