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  1. You going to be making some more mod Jottha, you got the best mods dude

  2. Its really a good version of GTA. I agree it looks like GTA2 and III mixed, specially this screeny here: Looks a lot like the Portland safe house from GTAIII. I like this cartoon style R* did, reminds me good times playin GTA1 and 2. Btw, anybody knows any DS emulator? I hope its not ilegal talk about emulators. God bless y'all.
  3. Yo Nate.

    I was a lil busy with my job. I uploaded sum new mods, juz waitin for the approval.

    God bless bro.

  4. where you been man?!

  5. Thanks for adding me to your friends list... God Bless and have a nice day, homie... = )

  6. Cool mod! :P

    *friend request approved*

  7. Oh sweet man, I'd use it if I had GTA SA for the PC =)

    so whats up?

  8. Sup S-V.

    Juz stopin by to say dat im workin in a new tattoo mod. U can check it out in GTASA mods forum.

    God bless.

  9. Sup Nate.

    Juz sayin hi. :D

  10. Thx Nate, im workin in a tattoo mod.

    U can see a preview in GTASA mods forum.

    God bless.

  11. Yo Deji! Your mod looks really cool! Unfortunately i cant install it correctly, i dont know where to place the Source file. I place all the files in data/script folder but it doesnt work. Help me to play please and keep it up!
  12. Yo fellaz, I'm working in this little mod, it basicly changes some tattoos and makes CJ looks more gangsta. Unfortunately, I could not make them with 512x512 resolution. Maybe i will have to make the torso texture in that resolution too so i can import the tattoos with a better quality. I want to release the mod in this weekend. Here's a preview, tell me what u think about it friends.
  13. oh thats cool.btww tight mods

  14. Yeah its me, Nate.

    Wan see more?


  15. Yeah, I'm from portugal.

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