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  1. Well Mr.Serious it ain't my fault it ain't fucking funny to you!
  2. It's only been out for 5 years, what were you studying for the 5 years before it was released? Have you ever heard of a word, a little bit old, called, i don't know, a joke .And BTW San Andreas is featured in GTA 1 as a state. I'm talking about the movie, helloooo.And i didn't read the book.BTW what does philistine mean? Well touch my cane can be reffered as touch mu d*ck.
  3. I've studied San Andreas mythology for 10 years.I know a few things: 1.UFO-Fake, just dots, supposed to be planes and stars OR mods and fakes 2.Ghost car-True and it ain't a glitch!It's an easter egg.It's a Glendale with a different texture-which is of a broken car. 3.Jaws-Fake, dolphins only! 4.Mass grave-True, easter egg 5.Loch ness monster-Fake, i don't know who came up with this one. 6.Ghost town figure-Plausible, or just a missplaced peds or something like that. 7.Mothman-Fake.Probably a bugged Ruster plane. 8.Ghost vortex-True, a missplaced vehicle, or there was more something else, where the Vortex spawned in the beta, maybe the school was there(it's still close, though) 9.Suicidal photographers-True, but perhaps in the beta there wa more land, on the place they were walking on.Sort of like number 8 10.Shady Creek creature-Not sure, maybe a missplaced ped, or an easter egg. 11.Weird horn-The one near Jizzy's club?Ever heard of fog alarm?It can't be a reference to War of the Worlds, because the movie was released 2005 and the game 2004. 12.Serial killer (trenchcoat guy)-Yes there is such a ped model, but i don't think that he is a serial killer. 13.Blue hell-Glitch and it ain't a myth. 14.The Cult farm-True. 15.Epsilon cultists-True 16.Glowing grave-True a glitch, i think. 17.Scott Wilson's grave-Busted, unless someone shows me a pic! 18.Ghost grafitti-True 19.Mount Chiliad ghost car-they are all over the map. 20.Mt. Chiliad horror voices?-Busted and pathetic. 21.SPAZ guy-WTF? 22.The cane-True(i guess) 23.UFO map-Not an UFO map.It's there just for fun.Who the fuck said that it's an UFO map?! 24.Bigfoot?-Busted!!!! 25.Leatherface?-Busted!!! 26.Pigsy?-WTF?Still busted! 27.Cris Formage-WTF?Busted! 28.The Truth-Wtf is that.The Truth, the hippy?True there is such a character 29.CJ's Moms ghost-True, but a glitch. 30.The ring girl-It's the fucking same as 29!!!! 31.Vice City maps-True. 32.Open grave-True, a Buffy reference. 33.TV on grave-same as 32. 34.Cobra MARITAL arts-True, it's made just for fun 35.Bio waste well-True, there is such a place. 36.Fort Carson tunnel-True. 37.Phone booth?-well yes there are phone booths in the game FAKE! 38.Not welcome mat-True
  4. WTF?How comes it says Algonquin on the map when it's Alderney.Am i missing somthing? Althought you should really go to Honkers with Packie and then you won't be able to get him away from you
  5. The strongest weapon will be friendshiiiipppp yupee Well GTA The Lost and Damned sounds nice Now seriously GTA Crimes on the streets of Alderney or something like that.GTA IV Vice City,GTA IV The Revenge on Tomy, not sure
  6. I didn't read all the comments, just some of them, so sorry id somebody alredy written it: Hello GTA-Grand Theft Auto .R* will have to rename it to Grand Theft Horse GTH .Anyway i don't thing that that is a good idea.Your most powerfull weapon to be a crossbow, and to have only three weapons-Spear, sword crossbow.It will be more like Diablo.
  7. I don't know if it's a bu or a glitch or somethin, but once i was playing with the securicar truck and i damaged it so much that it blew up.After it blew up there were a loto of money on the ground.
  8. It's Johny alright.In the trailer he says: "I'm not in the kidnapping business dude!" He says that he is not, but maybe he changed his decission.
  9. What are you wondering so much?I bet that if it was the old Liberty City from GTA III, the interest to the game won't be that much.This isn't the real world it's a game you know.I hope that you understand me
  10. A really bad place to place this topic.In a GTA fan site(not sure if i wrote fan right ).I'm for GTA IV
  11. I hope that there will be a PC version too.It just looks so freaking awesome.BTW very smart move for Microsoft.
  12. True.There is one near the trailer park. Who is the main character og GTA:San Andreas
  13. Oh my god .You found a rock with a silouete and you think you've made the biggest discovery.I see those things all the time, i see rocks with a shape of a turtle monster and a lot of other things.Those are easter eggs called-Fish fosills.
  14. IDK maybe you past the barriers to the next island
  15. So yesterday i bought GTA IV, install everything ok,blah blah blah and i start multiplayer.I choose the server, loading and "Ta dam!"Disconnected from the server.That sucks.How do I fix it?Here is a clip: the clip is not mine, but i have the same problems, although i'm never able to connect, no matter how much i try.
  16. The boat is good way out, but still a good way is if you have the Comet that Brucie gave you, park it close to the hospital when you get there.Kill everyone inside take the coke, quickly then go to the Comet take it and escape fast and classy
  17. I was doing base jumping but a little glitch screwed me.I kumped from a building, i open the parachute, i fall and fall and the parachute suddenly dissapears.I have it in my "inventory" but i couldn't cycle through weapons.I thought that i have it, but something with the controls is wrong.I got back up jumped and I quote what i was thinking: "Отваряй се бе шибан парашут!уаааааа бам" .Translation:Open you piece of shit!Uaaaaaaa bang.
  18. Dude relax!This is a storyline.AFter few missions(well more......) you will have territories again.In storyline every gang hates the Grove's and Ryder and Big Smoke betray you, and if you want to survive, you should stay out of there or something.
  19. Get a better crack or buy the game(if you are with pirated version)
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