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  1. UtterGarbage

    [VC2SA + SA:LC] Symmetry of Darkness

    i hate these vids. always lose a couple VC stunts. i LOST ONE LC STUNT! but a great video with smooth clean editing.
  2. UtterGarbage

    The GTA Place v4.0

    perhaps a contest or something for people to post designs or let us vote on designs.
  3. UtterGarbage

    Next GTA Location

    they told you, the next gen gtas are in no way connected or combined to this. at the end of the game or near it at least roman says, niko we should vacation in vice city. i think were gonna play as an associate of dmitris or dwaynes maybe even playboy x and in the end we murder roman or jacob or someone. but vice city!
  4. UtterGarbage

    St. Unter

    old stunts, some porr editing. however not a terrible video. song didnt fit well. good try
  5. UtterGarbage

    Need someone to convert mod from vc to sa

    well ff i recall someone trying to put the sa infernus into VC and his game crashed, he had to edit some cols, dff's and txds and the polys or whatever were fucked up.
  6. UtterGarbage

    Need someone to convert mod from vc to sa

    not possible. sorry. would require remapping dff's txd's cols and many other things.
  7. UtterGarbage

    Maximum time flying with the Dodo.

    smash the nose to the runway during take off and when it pops up take off. thn you can fl forever pretty much.
  8. UtterGarbage

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    put stuff in your trunk. get mugged get robbed get drive by'd maybe if you kill someone or something the cops shouldnt automatically find you. buy property and use it, be able to by home decor o decorate etc. buy a garage and tune your cars. not oo extreme. fly to liberty city and visit for mission maybe? early 90's california. kinda around SA's ime perios but maybe a bit earlier. caught in a racial war. chose your side for a gang. more player custimization. command your own gang. kidnappings and hostages. K9 Units better AI more realistic. all i can think now, maybe more later./
  9. UtterGarbage

    I can't find my bugatti Veyron(HELP)

    what was the name of the files you put in the gta3.img? usually infurnes.txd and .dff or something. what was the name of those files.
  10. UtterGarbage

    Alien in IV?

    R* also confiremed there was no bigfoot aliens or leatherface in sa...
  11. UtterGarbage

    Original player.txd and player.dff

    does anyone have the origninal player.txd and dff's for vc? i forgot to back up.
  12. UtterGarbage

    2 parts to an unfinished tutorial. [VC]

    i would think it had less to be certain. To be compeltely honest im almost positive becauser its easier to bump...
  13. UtterGarbage

    2 parts to an unfinished tutorial. [VC]

    already seen it. like i said. great style. really gets to the punch and elaborate.
  14. UtterGarbage

    (REQUEST) Kakashi Hatake Skin

    that requires txd maybe even DFF modeling...
  15. UtterGarbage

    Best video to get someone to play

    i think you beat me to it