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  1. _Ray

    Obviously I haven't been on here in a while but hey.

  2. _Ray

    So what are your new specs?

  3. _Ray

    Lol except you'd wanna get a newer Radeon 5000-series video card.

    The 5770 is a little below my card while the 5850 is a bit above my card, so just wait until they come out with a 5830 to fill the price gap. :)

  4. _Ray

    Plus the graphics are WAY better on the PC and I get 55 FPS. :)

    See all the Hi-Def GTA Pictures


  5. _Ray

    Figured lol.

    Maybe eventually I could get it on both :)

  6. _Ray

    But I might get it on PS3. I assume that's how you would play it?

  7. _Ray

    $10 cheaper and I'd rather play it on PC anyway

  8. _Ray

    And If I do get Episodes from LC it'll be on the PC probably.

  9. _Ray

    lol if I can get the $ for it . . . :)

  10. _Ray

    My PS3 is online a lot because I run folding@home a lot when I'm not on it.

  11. We're restricted 'cuz we've been bad little boys lately and Santa Claus (Chris) gave us a load of coal.

  12. Hey, welcome to the restricted group!

  13. Highest Quality Posts: Raybob Gerard

    Wow, I'm very pleased that you would think of nominating me for that. :)

  14. I don't really hate Spaz, just dislike, often greatly. :)

  15. Well I would put you on my favorite list if they would let me edit my profile. :P Plus they deleted my whole hate list, and I can't remember everybody I hate :(

    Just Gerard, steveplayer, maybe Spaz.

    I think the only mod/admin I really like is Sherman :P

  16. lol ok how it's goin', restricted and all?

  17. lol I noticed how now that you're in restricted (like me) all the pics you had in your cartoon topic are gone. :(

  18. _Ray

    lol I'm in the restricted group now.

  19. _Ray

    Happy Birthday!

  20. Right there with you. People who were born in 1995 will someday join together and take over the universe. :)

  21. lol, mpilk why?

  22. lol, that was actually pretty funny Sherman. XD I thought Gerard did it....

  23. Spider-Vice, I don't really hate you as much as the others..... (If at all) Llama and Earthbound make awesome sigs don't they??

  24. _Ray

    Agreed with Husky. Wii Sucks. And nice PC Chris. Definetly got plenty of storage. XD

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