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    Looking for a car?

    i am looking for a very high poly Porsche 914 from 1971 with out the shiny bright white wheels is there any out there?
  2. i saw that guy once in the game i was on a mission i believe it was called "saint marks bistro"i think it was a glitch in the game or something but i am pretty sure i saw him before or maybe it was a mod i dont know i mod my game up so much you can't tell its even san andreas lol he kinda looks like a 90's version of Sony forelli kinda....
  3. MetalInusan

    Cannot find these! help

    the Bucaneer can be found at the docks and naval ship area in san fierro,as for the feltzer that caz can be found mostly in las venturas and the richer parts of san fierro,cheetah can be found in every city mostly found on the las venturas strip,infernus can be found at wang cars in san fierro(i believe) as for the hot knife that can only be found at the driving school in san fierro after u get silver(i believe)and the car that looks like a fordGT40 is called the bullet it can be found at the driving shcool after you get all gold(i think)and also at a local burger shot in san fierro near the Gant bridge and one of your gf's house(forgot her name)the jester can be found almost anywhere in san fierro mostly around downtown near the valet area(the place on the mission 555-WE-TIP)as for the farm trailer,i have no idea where or what that is,but iam pretty sure if u find it,it can be hooked up to a semi truck or tractor. hoped i helped
  4. MetalInusan


    Can i place and order for one of those graphical banners?
  5. MetalInusan

    Gay Marriage

    i honestly don't see a reason to make gay Marriage illegal,i mean if guys feel comfortable that way and trying to be them selfs who are we to judge right?,as Claude-5 said love is love and you can't change that,plus why would you discriminate against someone because of there sexuality or but in there life,if they feel happy that way let them be BUT I WOULDN'T GET IN YOUR WAY, YOU CAN COUNT ON ME TO ALWAYS BE BESIDE YOU EVERY DAY, TO TELL YOU IT'S OKAY, YOU WERE JUST BORN THAT WAY, AND HEY, AS THEY SAY, IT'S IN YOUR DNA, YOU'RE GAY! haha sorry just had to sing it lol
  6. MetalInusan

    Shall I get GTA Vice City Stories?

    i think VCS is a little bit better then LCS caz of its good guy forced to be bad kinda thing and the music and storyline ain't that bad well to me anyways,but overall both are really good games and you should just get them both
  7. MetalInusan

    Introduce Yourself..

    i just joined,i am new sorta i love this place anyways nice job to the adims for keeping this place up and running
  8. MetalInusan

    Savegame Editors

    well theres alots of them out there i'll post a few for you http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=811# http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/file.php?id=3456 those are the only to i really know of and i think there the same versions but iam not totally sure or not, so,i hoped i helped
  9. MetalInusan

    My game will not work any more

    well,if its Gta San Andreas your trying to use that save game in then your problem is you most likely have a v.2 of the game i suggest you get a down grader patch b4 you can mod it or even put save games into it i saw one here: http://files.filefront.com/GTA+SA+Downgrad...;/fileinfo.html for free that may help with your glitching with the save game,also the .SET file can not be deleted caz it will crash your game even if you have the downgrader patch,to addition to that i must tell you that if your running SA v.2 then the only save games that will work are v.2 save games i found a v.2 game here on this site: http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/file.php?id=1723 so,i hoped i helped any,peace
  10. MetalInusan

    Downgrader patch not working

    well first of all there is no gta SA v.3 only v.1 and v.2,and second are u sure its a legit copy i ask because this has happened to many people and i got something from there that wasn't legit,if it is a legit copy then maybe some of your files are Erased from the game directory or maybe it was messed up while getting downloaded and installed. i found another gta SA down grader patch on filefront for free link is: http://files.filefront.com/GTA+SA+Downgrad...;/fileinfo.html it should work properly because i used it to downgrade my game so i could mod(i have gta SA v.2 pc) if this still don't work then unistall the game and reinstall and see what happenes then if it still does the same then go out to wal-mart,k-mart,toys are us etc and buy a legit copy of the game for between $8.99 - $17.99 then get the down grader patch from filefront or gtagaming.com(i saw one there)and then you should have the ability to mod the game as u wish to without the error message your seeming to have(this is moslty why i don't trust sources such as direct2drive) hoped i helped p.s never try and weasel your way out of paying for a legit copy caz if you do then R* will hunt you down and kill you haha jk
  11. MetalInusan

    San Fierro garage

    Well actually,you can't the garage in San fierro is unworkable even if you get a 100% in the game it still won't work as a mod shop such and Transfender and the low rider shop in Los santos,how ever i did come across an actual mod that lets you turn that garage into a mod shop by rediting the main.scm and script.img but i forgot the link
  12. MetalInusan

    Claude, Tommy, Victor, CJ, or Toni

    1.Tommy caz he owns VC 2.CJ Caz he waz the first African-American in the GTA series 3.Claude Caz he's like a ninja Silent but Deadly 4.toni caz he waz in the mafia mostly 5.vic caz he waz sorta a good guy 6.(never played gtaIV)
  13. MetalInusan

    Your Favorite Gta Sa Mission

    Well i got a couple of them mine are 1:reuniting the families 2:the green Sabre 3:the mission where u kill ryder(forgot the name) 4:end of the line(wich waz the hardest for me but the funnest )
  14. MetalInusan

    Switch Designs is asking for your support!

    well i honestly think that its great to see people making mods and a person or modder as u could say,without being able to mod is like a baby with out candy lol anyways i'am sad :'( to hear that u cant make any more mods because your stupid piece of shit computer so maybe i'll think about donating a hundred maybe 2hundred $$$ when i get some more $$$ to every enjoy Switch's mods,everyone donate to this gta lover and modder so u can help someone that needs help.