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  1. The One The Only

    Funny story

    Wow im bored. Those pics arent showing up. I need to take a piss.
  2. The One The Only


    Thats just stupid. Thats a good idea, works just like the running does. Makes sense too.
  3. The One The Only

    Webmasters Connection

    Why isnt it active though? No one has posted since the 13th. W T F MATE? HURRY THE ----- UP EVERYBODY, What are you waiting for? Sign up and go be active!
  4. The One The Only

    E-mail validation

    You say i have no life for continously coming back. But in reality, you guys have no life because you are obsessed with a fuckin online message board. How about you get a life and a sense of humor and we can forget about everything? No? Who cares i have a bunch of email addresses, when i run out, i just make another. No biggy.