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    What do you want in the next Cheat Device?

    Nice one mvi. BTW, a cheat for infinite ammo has been around since v0.6 or something. Search around the web and edit your cheat.txt with the new codes.
  2. Well I guess you have a point there. The protagonist really depends on the timeline. GTA LCS was after VC so will VCS be after SA? If that is the case then R* will probably give us Tommy Vercetti again or some minor character from VC. On a side note, I'd absolutely love to play as Tommy again. SA's whole gangbanging, drug-doing, "in tha hood fo life" thing doesn't really work for me.
  3. The JD

    Freefall Mission Help [Version 2]

    My pleasure as always.
  4. Diaz isn't really protagonist material. He's more of a boss. Maybe you'll be someone who works for Diaz but then overthrows him. *(Hmm... That sounds oddly familiar!*
  5. The JD

    Freefall Mission Help [Version 2]

    Nice work! Proof that anything's possible if you stick with it long enough. BTW, don't ever double post like you just did. It makes the forums look really weak. Edit your posts if you've got something new to add but no one else has posted after you.
  6. The JD

    Help with moding

    SA Modding Board Please search the forums before you post. There are three stickys on the sub-forum home page that answer your questions.
  7. The JD

    What would you do if...?

    I'd count on Henry not noticing the big 12-Gauge I keep taped under my computer desk and when he turns around *BOOM* - Arsenal's looking for a new striker! *Muahahahaha* What Would You Do If GTA IV turned out to be a turn based role playing card game similar to the utter nonsense that Metal Gear Acid and Metal Gear Acid 2 became?
  8. The JD

    press here!

    Ahh ok. I'm sorry if I came across as insensitive earlier on. GTA SA Gameplay and Help That's where you should have posted this topic and also make sure you rename it to something like "GTA San Andreas Tips and Secrets" or something. BTW, Welcome to the forums!
  9. The JD

    Bad Game

    Indeed it was. BTW, what kind of suicidal maniac comes joins up to a GTA forum and as his first post, decides to badmouth GTA? Some people... Oh yeah... Welcome to the forums!
  10. The JD

    Freefall Mission Help [Version 2]

    Hmm... for some reason I don't remember ever having any problems with this mission. As long as you don't move too much while trying to fly into the corona, it should be a piece of cake. BTW, I just noticed that the save game which I've uploaded in which I've completed this mission hasn't been downloaded even once. Where's the topic starter gone to?
  11. I could always upgrade my v2.01 to a higher version as I'll still have my v1.50 for homebrew.
  12. Wow, you can actually mod PS2 SA? Well I guess I learnt something new today. Does the above mentioned utility create folders and stuff similar to the PC version or is it an entirely different layout?
  13. The JD

    RATE Person above you

    Avatar: 10/10 Signature: 10/10 ^ Shaman King Does Rule!!! Personality: Don't really know him but from his posts I'd say he's really helpful.
  14. Hi! I just wanted to know if anyone knows what the attached song is. Its a .wav file and has been ripped from a video clip so there are voices but if anyone knows what the song playing in the background is called then please let me know. I know that its a christmas carol and a very old one at that. I doubt that most of the people of my generation will be able to help unless they are really devout christians or something but on the off chance that there is someone older here who knows what its called then I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks! Christmas_Carol.rar
  15. Don't double post! The mods on this website and any mod on any other website are for the PC version of San Andreas only! You cannot mod textures on the PS2! BTW, Welcome to the forums!
  16. The JD

    GTA 2 in 3D mode?

    OK will do. Thanks for the info. BTW, nice new sig!
  17. The JD

    AGEIA PhysX Cards

    I didn't know about HL2 not supporting it. Maybe they decided taht the physics system was good enough as it is.
  18. The JD

    funniest easter eggs

    I'd tell you to search the forums before you post but something tells me you're not going to listen. Stop posting random topics!
  19. The JD

    GTA Vice City Stories.

    I agree with Spaz, there's no way you can expect all of VC's or SA's features in VCS. It'll probably be a little less featuristic than it's predecessors for the bigger systems. I'm looking forward to it all the same!
  20. The JD

    Help with custom music?

    First of all, Welcome to the forums! Now in order to get the mp3's to show up in the game you'll need a certain codec. I'm not sure what the codec is but I know that for some reason, if you download the latest version of Quicktime Player and install it, the game then seems to recognize the user tracks. Try this out and see if it helps.
  21. I also own a v2.01 so I can also play 2.00+ games!
  22. The JD

    AGEIA PhysX Cards

    Ahh you misunderstood! The card is already out. I meant that GTA IV is coming out in 2 years for the PC. R* had better not leave us PC fans in the dust. It will be the end of GTA Modding as we know it! Unless of course someone actually manages to make a mod for a PS3 or Xbox 360 although the probability of this happening is very low indeed. Does anyone actually have any evidence (Hard or Circumstantial) to suggest that a PC release of GTA IV is unlikely? Spaz: The benefits are huge! I mean, imagine completely destructible 3D environments, a feature that has been posted on the GTA IV wishlist a million times. Then comes better car physics, airplane handling in extreme weather conditions etc. Just check the website out. Its got an entire section on the benefits.
  23. The JD

    GTA 2 in 3D mode?

    Now I haven't played GTA 2 but that sounds extremely fictional even to me! Also, may I ask what brought this quirky tale to your mind 6 years after he actually said it? Or are you just trying to post random topics? BTW, Welcome to the forums!
  24. Rock on R*! This is just awesome and now I'm defintely not regretting buying my PSP (V1.50 BTW, so eat your hearts out! )
  25. The JD

    press here!

    Nice one!