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  1. whew, patay na patay na mga tao dito ah, parang dinaanan ng bagyo.., amf
  2. Ahahah, naging busy ako kasi sa mga online games eh. Musta na d2?
  3. I've been in GTAF but I didn't register there. I decided to visit another site and it is this site. I preferred TGTAP than GTAF.
  4. We have the same! btw welcome to the forums!
  5. Without hair?! wtf Chris would look like!?
  6. ^ lol, that was a whole GTA not a character! Your GTA's very funny!
  7. That was funny, although I also discovered it a little late.
  8. Hello SV! Have a nice day!

  9. i've thanked them rem! lol

  10. Left 4 Dead makes me laugh. It doesn't makes me scare. But RE still scares me a lot.
  11. I thought women will really avoid this topic.
  12. 2007. Because it's the last year I've had great moments when my family's not yet broken.
  13. Actually, Chris looks great with long hair than with short hair.
  14. I also like South Park before, but not that much now.
  15. Huck, mag register ka na sa paunekillers.com! Ako ang gumawa ng topic na ganito doon para tayo nmn ang manguna!!!
  16. I knew Rockstar are obssesed to things like that. It reflects to their game. lol, I started playing GTA while I'm still 9 years old.
  17. Yes, it should really be not GTA.
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