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  1. i would have to say...tec 9, in which i have no clue why. i just like the shape of it.
  2. YO!!! WHATS UP!?

  3. http://ssshotaru.homestead.com/files/aolertranslator.html JUST TYPE WUT U WANT 2 POST IN DA TRANSL8R AND POST IN HERA!!11!!111 OMG ITS FUN!!1!11!1 OMG WTF
  4. I have found a good way to unbrick my psp but im having a little trouble. I am on fermware 3.03 oe-c and im trying to start up gta vcs. But when it tried to start up i get a message saying: "The game could not be started. (80020148)" I have tried GTA LCS and that works fine. Its just gta vcs and i want to play after a long while. So can anyone please help me?
  5. this game seems to have a different engine than gta vc too.
  6. sorry for that pm the gangster. i didnt kniw the VM was over

  7. so hows the vodka

  8. are you addicted to TGTAP? i mean, when ever i log on, your on the online list.

  9. i was thinking about getting sa for pc. but im just wondering some things 1. is it possable to get version 1.0 in a store? if so, where? 2. if i have no choice but to get version 2, is there a downgrader patch that lets me go to 1.0? hope to know this
  10. im not on your friends list? your on mine. you eather hate me or you just forgot lol. im soooo selfish arnt i :P

  11. oops. i completly forgot i posted that other ''are you gonna post there'' post :D

  12. are you ever gonna post at gta downloads again?

  13. are you ever gonna post there again?

  14. your here alot. why not gta-downloads anymore. you forget again?

  15. i can cook a little. my dad teaches me how so its a good experience
  16. im just great but i dont feel to welcome here at TGTAP anymore.

  17. it is. i just want someone to donate some to me lol

  18. so how are you man?

  19. exuse me but i posted this over a year ago. why the hell did you bump it? my opinion has changed and i didnt know why no one posted here at that time but i dont care anymore.
  20. i tried to steal mone from someone and i failed.

  21. I dont feel welcome in your gang anymore. just look at the posts after i tried to reapply

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