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  1. LilTermite

    Newest Sig

    This is my newest sig it took me about 20 min to make and its my 3rd on ps cs2 and im really proud of this one. Rate/Comment/Critisize/Whatever Thanks.
  2. Ok this is my second sig its not that great but im pretty proud of it i cut the image out and i did everything else my self by just messing around so please help me to improve it ok thanks. Rate/Comment/Watever
  3. LilTermite

    What did you get for Christmas?

    My brother got me a quentin jammer jersey(san diego chargers),a football with the chargers logo on it,and a swimsuit calender of the chargers girls. My Cousin got me a box of cologne and my other cousin got me cologne too. My sister game me money which i used to buy madden 06 My Nena got me a 20$ gift card for walmart And my other brother got me a sweater And my mom didnt get me anything she said she's gonna get me a late christmas present.
  4. LilTermite

    Favourite Music Genre

    Old School Rap(Tupac,Easy-E,Ice Cube,etc....) is my fav.
  5. LilTermite

    Tommy V or CJ

    Im gonna have to say cj it was pretty close but hes just better.
  6. LilTermite

    your fave girlfreind

    Denise cause she was the easiest all the other ones sucked.
  7. LilTermite

    Transfender Glitch

    That transfender glitch has never happened to me before ill try it later and see if i can do it.
  8. LilTermite

    favorite guns

    I like the M4,silenced 9mm, and the minigun
  9. my fav of los santos is definetly just business and the one i dint like was og loc.