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  1. i found a jetpack cheat with my friend agent orange off gtagamin, the cheat is L1 L2 R1 R2 up down left right twice, make shure u do it fast, and that cheat, u do it twice!, trust me its real
  2. CarlJohnson

    Will you be getting it?

    put it this way im not gettin it it looks $hit and i hate the eagle down look, i will be buying SA coz i preorder it and i can just play gta 1 and 2, i have a GBA SP! there mint
  3. CarlJohnson

    New sigs

    these are my new sigs(current im using) just thought id share them, sorry for the second one chris, it just came to my mind, dont ban me!
  4. CarlJohnson

    Favourite Wrestler

    its got to be rey mysterio, the way he high flies and dives and does the 619 and west coast pop hes a favourite, man!
  5. CarlJohnson


    NO!!!! CARS: Aston Martin DB7 Aston Martin Vanquish Ford Scorpion Mazda BMW Mercades Ferrari Skyline RC Lowrider We need cars like this CHOPPERS: MH-60 “Black Hawk” Chin Hook (for transporting cars/tanks/lorries to another part of the city maybe) S.A.N (San Andreas News) S.A.P.D (San Andreas Police Department) S.A.F.D (San Andreas Fire Department) fire choppers.... Normal helicopters No more examples
  6. CarlJohnson

    GTA : Sa confirmation list !

    Lmao smart boy, that aint gonna happen!
  7. CarlJohnson


    yeah, thats me thats me
  8. CarlJohnson

    GTA SA 4 PSP?

    yea true chris, its too much of a big game to have on psp, im not sure if it will be on psp, but im tellin ya, it wont be
  9. CarlJohnson

    Will You Pre-Order GTA:SA?

    i preorderd it yesturday from game with me bro (same age), then we went the pub
  10. CarlJohnson

    What gangs should return?

    yea the cartel cruisers were cool, i used to always jump on the back of em and hitch a ride