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  1. Denise loves Penise XD

  2. Not really Toxic, I was back in Japan some days back. Now I'm in Ontario meeting up with friend and all Lol <3 On holidays for a month :3

  3. You are really creepy Nate.

  4. あなたあなたの日本語がそうではないという程度が低いことそれはそれほど良いです。 あなたがオンライントランスレータを使ったように

  5. 私はあなたが本当に知っている人です。私は非常に面白い冗談を書くつもりでした。翻訳は、この何て残念だった。残念に思う!

  6. Come on nate, it's clear she's aiming for something bigger :P

  7. Baby you my everything

    Youre all I ever wanted

    We can do it real big

    Bigger then you ever done it

    You be up on everything

    Other hoes ain't never on it

    I want this forever I swear

    I can spend whatever on it

  8. Hey, how's things? You filthy fucking slut.

  9. Heey Christopher.

  10. :3 Chris has a huge dong, I was like wtflolthatsBIG the first time I saw it :P
  11. Lol you're so naughty Nate :3

    My Katana training is going quite well Pyro. Back in japan for sometime <3

  12. Has she left ?

  13. Hey fatty, how's your katana training going?

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