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  1. Whenever I hear a lot of shit on the radio, I just flip over to Radio Los Santos, Radio X or Playback FM (which are my favourites :D).


    Shit, I didn't realize that was on! I should've kept on playing instead of starting over again. :/

  2. Well, I got this big idea from one mta server I usually play in that might give our gangs some stuff to do but since looking for a server sounds a bit hard and I can't code for shit even after reading tutorials, I guess it might not work.

    Unless someone knows a great server and can do most of the coding then it might help :whistle:

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  3. @Alvas

    I know, but I really want to do this!


    Great! You can help with the coding. :awesome:

    I basicly just need people to help me with the coding for now.

    Alright! Now I'm definately gonna learn some script writing!

    Now I need someone who's experienced with making/hosting mta servers so I know where to start!

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  4. @NYHH

    Meh, I still think it's gonna be fucking awesome. Unless you gotta view through some type of black and white camera like in COD 4 the mission "Death From Above", that kind of sucks :/

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