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  1. First question, I chose Unsure / somewhere in the middle coz I like that way rather than having things be ultra realistic (for instance, kill someone and police will be finding you all the time which gets annoying and people around you will avoid you) but it might be cool sometimes.

    Second question, I chose Normal, not just the criminal underworld coz of some reasons unknown (I like it that way :P )

    And last question, I chose Start a normal life, choose whether to go up or down coz that is a great way to start a game :awesome:

    I wish there was a ninja style GTA game

  2. Spybot eats a lot of RAM? My computer is too slow and wondering what's causing it and installing Spybot might make things worse. Any reasons why my computer's slow?

    I tried out MailwareBytes and it found 24 adware. I seems alright.

  3. Hey guys! What's a great free anti-spyware that I can download? I've got this Spyware Doctor and it won't get rid of the spyware I got until I buy it online. Any suggestions? The infection's starting to spread...

  4. I at least spend 2 hours on the internet everyday and if the bills are low, I spend more time.

    Gaming hours? I used to spend the whole day playing one specific game but now since my parents give me so many damn jobs to do, I spend around 3 hours playing.

    I wish I had a PS3, it's just so God damn expensive and no one sells any PS3 games in my hometown, heck, they don't even sell the console :awecry: .

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