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  1. hahaha thanks. I will get warriors done now.

    400 X 500 is almost a square but w/e


    so u wantz liek this?

    Love it! and can you make an Underground theme too? IT WOULD MAKE MY DAY FROM THIS HORRIBLE EXAM WEEK!!! I would be soo grateful. :)

    You're definetely not a beginner, even from the start.

  2. I wish you got weaker and when you get punched again, you die :awesome:

    No offence man :)

    I wish the person who will corrupt my wish will be corrupted from the corruption of corruptionness of this corrupt a wish topic to be corrupted again with more corruption about corrupting a wish

  3. Alright! hmm... I like a sig with a final fantasy X theme, with the main character on the left side and that guy with the big ass sword with the glasses and the red jacket (I forgot the names of the chararcter sorry) on the right and my username on the bottom right. It's up to you to add anything else on it. :) also, the size should be around 500X150. Please and Thank You

  4. Oh and, for people who murder innocent people before taking themselves out? Why? Why did you have to hurt so many others? Why couldn't you just end your life?

    It's either they don't want to die alone or they want to see what it's like to kill someone or maybe it's because they've gone nuts.

  5. Do u guys know why asian dudes hve smaller cocks?

    That's because in asia, mostly south-east asia n east asia... They BAN pre-marital sex and measuring is considered as a disgrace.....

    I've been to indonesia n when my friend n I went 2 da beach, she put on her bikini..but the lifeguard told her to use shorts and shirt, and girls wearing swimsuit is considered as porn...what the fuck!!??

    And most people think measuring as disguisting, even dat they kno they want it....

    And the government of most asian countries think porn r ilegal, many kids have gotten locked up for jacking off,lol

    Btw mine is FIFTEEN HUNDRED INCHES SIR!!!!!!


    Wait, aren't you still in Indonesia now? I don't think they do that anymore, there's plenty of people wearing bikinis at the beach without getting told off by a fucking security guard, especially in Bali (I saw a chick with her top bikinis off walking around the beach one day when I was there!)


    Boleh kenalan bos? :P

  6. What the article doesn't tell you is that this is completely normal behaviour for a Japanese person.

    In fact, have you seen some of the shit the Japs get up to? This woman is comparatively sane compared to them!

    Chris, oddly enough, has this right. And I don't mean that as in it's odd how Chris is right for once, I mean he just nailed that one. There's so much bigger controversial oddities going down there that this really is somewhat normal.

    Them losing the war might be the reason why they're acting strange lately. But sounds like fun to hang around with them :awesome:

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