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    I can't delete mods!

    Dupe of: http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/topic/26142-i-cant-delete-mods-what-i-have-been-installed/ Locked.
  2. rockstarrem

    COD: Black Ops

    Send me a PM if you want to play on XBL! OR just add me and tell me who you are: rockstarrem
  3. rockstarrem

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I can't wait for this game, actually. Any game where snowfall builds up over time is fucking awesome.
  4. rockstarrem

    I can't delete mods what i have been installed

    You should uninstall GTA and then completely remove the folder with your GTA files in it. Usually this is located at C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games -- delete the folder GTA San Andreas AFTER you run the uninstaller.
  5. rockstarrem

    What is this i don't even..

    Clearly, it is a cat coming out of a black hole. Impossible.
  6. rockstarrem

    After Schooling...

    Where do you currently work The Bossman, and what do you do? Also wondering how old you are?
  7. rockstarrem

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Well, I'd make a new topic in the technology section or whatever and post what you want to do, that way everyone can help you make a new build.
  8. Mind if I add you on XBL? Also, what's your favorite car? Is it a Lamborghini, Ferrari or a Maserti? You are big.

    I'm not trying to become admin, man, I'm just wondering all of these things because I'm really trying to just become your friend! I'm not interested in staff abilities at all... but maybe we could talk about it if we become friends?? That way I...

  9. rockstarrem

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    I think it would be a neat feature, didn't they do that in RDR but you couldn't pick up the hat? OR was that just for NPC's?
  10. rockstarrem

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Nah man, those won't work with it. I've even tried it on those same specs that you posted as your laptop except with a better GPU and it still won't run at all. It's a really, really powerful game that can't be ran on those and at least be playable. Sorry :/.
  11. rockstarrem

    GTA IV patch downloads?

    Off-hand, I wouldn't think so. Is your ps3 not hooked up online, making you unable to play a game even offline because of updates? When it try's to sign you in press O to go back. My friend does that and it seems to work. I am able to play offline, but I never had the time to get my net hooked up for my PS3. I was wondering also, do the updates that Rockstar release make graphics better or what do they do exactly? Every patch that is released fixes several bugs. For an example, refer to this page: http://www.thegtaplace.com/news/25424/grand-theft-auto-iv-and-eflc-pc-patch-7/
  12. rockstarrem

    After Schooling...

    Yeah haha, my interest started around 11, then I started learning at 12. My brain wasn't developed at the time so I wasn't really learning much besides basic HTML (PHP looked fucking crazy to me), but I can learn at a much faster pace now. If you're interested in web development, first of all I just started a new site in the format of a book (an incomplete book, which is extremely obvious once you see the site) but I will be posting pretty much every day. You can PM me if you would like the link, I will put it in my signature once I make a few more posts. I also want to recommend a great author and friend of mine: Jason Gilmore. His writing style is a lot like mine and he knows his shit. I recommend his book Beginning PHP and MySQL, Fourth Edition, it's amazing. Absolutely amazing. If you want to learn more or anything just PM me. I'm really not at all an expert right now but I'm learning extremely fast and I'm happy to help. As long as you have a passion for doing it, I can probably help you.
  13. rockstarrem

    After Schooling...

    My point wasn't to say whatever someone does under their own roof is their business, my point was just this: drugs are bad for you. They unnaturally change the chemicals in your brain. Anyway -- it relates to this topic somewhat because people just graduating high school are most likely doing drugs.
  14. rockstarrem

    After Schooling...

    More fun facts, please! But really, running is a lot healthier than doing drugs, you obviously know that. I'd much rather be addicted to running than be addicted to meth.
  15. rockstarrem

    After Schooling...

    Yeah I've definitely shook off some illusions but I wouldn't of minded to wake up earlier. Before high school I was blissfully ignorant and like you once anxiety started playing a roll in my life I didn't interact with people anymore. Won't go into the specifics of that right now but things eventually started smoothening out, started dating a chick and ultimately her and my introduction into philosophy and zen made me wake up and calm down. I did recently start smoking marijuana again, after quitting for 3 years. Part of my anxiety was from smoke in general and I just couldn't smoke anymore but yeah, I'm back to smoking. I drink occasionally, but really only at parties or when I'm with a tight group of friends relaxing. I also am interested in psychedelic drugs and have done a couple but already know I'll only be doing a couple of them a handful of times throughout my life. It's not for everyone for sure and is a serious thing that should be researched and whatnot, but I don't see what I do negatively effecting me or holding me back. Also, I looked at that Uni's website you linked, looks pretty cool man. How long have you known you want to pursue web design and to go there? I don't know dude, honestly, drugs are bad lol. Altering the chemicals in your brain like that just cannot be good for your brain. It's really just logical. I mean, especially at our age. Our frontal lobe is exploding, and if it's not already exploding for you it should start soon. I started wanting to be a web designer/developer since I was 12, then when I was 13 I wanted to be a guitarist in the world's greatest band etc etc etc etc. But yeah, I mean, I've always fucking loved doing it. It's so fun for me. So, I guess you could say I knew since I was 12 but wasn't definite until now. I love feeling definite about shit . Well, most shit...
  16. rockstarrem

    After Schooling...

    Your situation is very similar to mine, Nate10. I'm glad you have woken up earlier than I did. It seems you have, at least. I used to skip school a LOT. In fact, I have probably skipped well over a year all together in high school. When I did go to school, I could not concentrate. I was too concerned with my appearance (not just stuff about being ugly, etc, I mean how I acted) that I just could NOT, by any means, concentrate. I talked to absolutely no one. When someone talked to me I got really fucking nervous and responded in a very stupid fashion. This particular case happened after a significant event in my life. Anyway, less than a year later and I'm back to normal (whatever that means) and I can function normally again. In fact, I'm functioning better than I ever have. It all really came from self acceptance I believe. Once you get that down, what the fuck can go wrong on your side? So, my plan after high school is to attend Boston University's Center For Digital Imaging and Arts. I will be taking a dual certification course focused on Web Design and Web Development. I am more than satisfied with the instructors and course material (you can look at the material and instructors backgrounds on their website) and I am extremely excited to start this program to say the least. My dream is coming true. I have done shit to deserve this, really. All I need is a high school diploma and a year and a half of a certificate program to be making an average of $92,000. That shit is fucking nuts. I am no longer doing any sort of recreational drugs (marijuana was a big problem for me) to keep my mind clean. I'll probably drink once in a while, but I don't see it being a big issue. My life has really fucking turned around in a short period of time. I really want to hear more peoples experiences! This shit fascinates me.
  17. rockstarrem

    Problem in Vice City

    It looks like it's just your graphics card having trouble loading everything. Does this happen all of the time?
  18. I'd suppose it would be less because of the odds, but honestly I win all the time at the casino's, so I shouldn't really say that. It's really an easy trick and I see it being better than the betting shop trick, but to each their own.
  19. rockstarrem

    rar files

    Could you walk me through the process that you are using in order to install the mods? Also, please post the readme here and a link to a mod you are trying to install.
  20. rockstarrem

    rar files

    Hey Leo, Any luck getting the mod installed?
  21. rockstarrem

    sanandreas Help

    Hello SixMatic, Please turn caps lock off. Also, could you please provide specific info on what exact modifications you have installed and the process you went through to install them? What programs did you use, how did you use them, etc etc. Thanks.
  22. rockstarrem

    Rebuild TGTAP

    I agree, the gang systems were not done properly. In fact, I don't think I should have ever been a leader/member because of my moderating position, so if the gang system does come back up I will gladly hand over my position to whoever is below me in the gang. Maybe even the staff can have a gang, but just for staff related stuff (could be kind of cool, we'll have to think about this idea. Haven't thought it out enough yet. I'm thinking sort of like a teacher team in a school against students , obviously we don't think of you guys as students, but I think you'll see my point.) Anyway, we'll have another topic about the gang system soon, as Gerard said.