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  1. Hey man

    I know. I rarely come online lately. But it's nice to *see* you again. How are things going whre you are?

  2. Damn long time ago. 11 years I think.

  3. Born in England. Live in the Netherlands.

    Speak mainly English though.. But I only write in Dutch. Quite funny really..

  4. GTA Girl? Awesome.

    So what brought you here?

    And no, I'm not some lifeless fucker trying to get you to cam, haha.

  5. Of course. There's always gaming to do, haha. Waiting for L4D and MW2 to come in. Ordered it today. Don't know when it will be in with this weather. Loads of snow at the other side of the sea?

    Knee hight here. Usually I go to school on a scooter. Now that was a disaster last thursday. Couldn't get any grip at all.

  6. Hey dude, haven't been here for some time.. Thought I'd just have a little chat.

    So how's everything going? Vacation now right? Going anywhere?

  7. Haha, usually I am :P

    All is fine lately. Little bored though.. I'm actually looking forward to school :s. Bound to hate it when I'm back, haha


  8. Shit dude, I just discovered that you're one month older than I am ):

    Uhm, hey (:

  9. I've got no idea how I got to the modeling thing then..

    Pretty postive you al least mentioned something about it like 2 years ago. Might be wrong though..

    So, what made you come back?

  10. Haha, yeah I will do soon.

    Not gaming all that much though lately..

  11. Steam: Jacepk

    Add me (:

    I was away some time, sorry I was so late to reply.

  12. Could you just quickly inform me? So, you got into the film business? Or is this some extention of the modeling you were doing?

    Nice to see you back by the way (:

  13. I'm going out a lot as it is. Something I've picked up in the past 3 months.

    Parents aren't really liking it though, but hey :P

    The gaming part is a 'lil bet with a friend, who can get 100h of gaming first on Steam. Pretty sick really.

  14. Same.

    A lot of exams and stuff.

    Gaming has been pretty much down for me the last few weeks.

    On the other hand, in a months time I'll be gaming 25 hours a week, so beh, I'll make up then.

    Still don't have a GF though >.>

    Bothers me a bit (lonely at times (lol)).

  15. Thanks for the happy birthday wish Evo.

    I'm sorry I totally missed it.

    Really should get a bit more active..

    Anyway, what's up (:

  16. Saturday is here :o

    Taxi coming in half an hour, so I better get going. Just thought I'd quickly drop this before my leave.

    PS: My mom is considering visiting Mumbai (in case her sister can't get leave).


    You being one of the people here I sort of admire, based on what posts I've seen.

    And what YJ said cheered me up, sort of :P

  18. Still warm for our standards :P

    My uncle is pretty exited it seems. First time being there in like 10 years. And 10 years ago was just a quick stop from Brunei to Europe.

    This might be a weird question, but are cold drinks normal in India? Cause as far as I can remember, everything I had there was always hot/pretty warm.

    And I'll ask if he's planing to go to.

  19. Oh, yeah. I'd fuck her anyday.

    But talking to her... see's sort of changed a lot (for the worse).

    Well, uh.. I'll see. Maybe 'we' can attact some people with that party.

  20. Hey (:

    Oh, yeah, BTW.. I'm going to New Delhi in December. No idea what we're actually going to do, but my uncle said he'll arrange someting and show me all these typical things you've got to see when you're there.

    Just thought I'd say that too (:

  21. morrow. Otherwise it will be in October.

    But when the day comes, it sure will be loads of fun (I hope).

    We're also planing just to throw some party in a forest. For a limited amount of people (say, 15). Each pays 10 EUR, so that gives us 150 to come up with something good.. Food and drinks will be no prob, but music in a forest will be tricky. But we'll bother with th

  22. Postponed, I'm afraid...

    You see, two days before our trip (which was actually illegal), a couple that was wild-camping like us too, where beaten up in the night and robbed. So the parents of one of us got slightly afraid and didn't allow him to come with us. So that left us with three people. We tried getting a chick to come along, but we failed ):

    Maybe day after to

  23. :o

    I do post.

    Like, now and then...


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