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  1. demon_h

    Any Chance of A Return To Grove Street?

    Rockstar already said that there is a whole new story behind 3 new characters,so sadlly there ain't gonna be a Grove comeback. The city is technically the same,so may be you can still find Grove Street on the map and visit the street itself. It would be interesting to see what has happened to it for over 2 decades.
  2. demon_h

    GTA v PC Version

    A lot is going on on the web... is it really coming to PC or these are just fake rumours in the social network? If all that is true is good news for us,right?
  3. demon_h

    GTA5 with Bait cars

    Sounds inovative! Very nice, I like that they are taking it to a whole new level.This would deffinately be one of the coolest GTAs ever.
  4. demon_h

    What are you most excited for?

    Well like most of the people out there I fell kinda nostalgic about this.The thing that I'm excited for is the story.I don't know why but the trailer reminded me more of Vice City instead of San Andreas.It was just the feel of it,the music,the pink sun.I really hope that the rumour about playing different characters in the game becomes reality.In that way I still wonder how does Tommy from Vice City story goes,also I want to see how is Carl doing and his beloving family.I want more hints about the story.That is what I'm most excited for.
  5. demon_h

    GTA RockStar Radio

    Music has awlays been a big factor in GTA.It rolles side by side with the city itself.When I saw the GTA V trailer for the first time it kinda reminded me Vice City.The sun,the beaches,the song.It was just right.So I hope R* do what they do best and fit music that best fits in the game.It doesn't matter wether you listen to hip hop,jazz,rock,pop,rnb.Since I was a litle kid I've been all about hip hop,but thanks to GTA I found great musicians and bands such as Twisted Sister(vice city),Guns'n Roses(san an),hell even Frank Sinatra,B.B King etc.And yes I do listen to all kinds of music thanks to Rockstar and GTA,it just depends on my mood.
  6. demon_h

    Episodes from Liberty City PC Trailer

    nice gotta get this game man
  7. Come on man! I was planning to play the episodes during the holidays and now what ... What the hell is wrong with the radio stations they are just fine.What about the TV,it's also fine I laughed my ass when I'm watching "Republic Space RAngers" now that is some funny sh*t Oh well I guess we have to wait
  8. demon_h

    Episodes From Liberty City Coming to PC and PS3

    Xaxa finally ! After waiting a centery it will come out for PC.Hmm 30 of March a day before my birthday,now that will be a nice present Enjoy people! Peace out
  9. demon_h

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    I agree with you , I didn't like the country areas in SA i prefer the city it's just more fun to drive around in a place with a lot of details no to drive in the midle of nowhere ... ofcourse that is just my oppinion
  10. wants a 350Z from Santa

  11. demon_h

    GTA IV Clothing

    Thanks dude
  12. demon_h

    GTA IV Clothing

    Hello everyone! I'm running the game on PC and I have seen on screenshots and videos that Niko can wear gloves with cut fingers , where actually can I find them ? It's a dumb question but can someone tell me please! Thanks
  13. demon_h

    Possible GTA V hint in EfLC manual?

    Paris?!? Hmm, I just can't imagine GTA being there...I't seems strange (to me).Lately I'm thinking of a beach with palms and beautiful women wearing nothing but bikinis Vice City with today's graphics will be very cool.I'm sure that Vice City + Directx11 will look amazing...
  14. demon_h

    TLAD coming to GTA IV PC? Looks like it...

    Sorry for the stupid question but is there mentioned a release date or some info...?
  15. demon_h

    If you were given a chance to name the next GTA,

    What's with the STORIES,dudes? I think it should be something different like GTA :Evil Ways ... damn now that sounds good.It just came up to me while I was listening to Carlos Santana's song ...