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  1. nice work but man i would prefer u to crete a gfx shop
  2. Cool_dude


    U rock u got a great talent
  3. Cool_dude

    Evo's work

    can i hav the god of war sign plzzz
  4. Cool_dude

    GTA Special

    Hmmmm....cool dude
  5. Cool_dude

    Pulaski in Vice City?

    yea man the look like tenpenny and pulski but tenpenny is in san andreas while pulski is both in lc and vc
  6. Cool_dude

    Best emergency vehicle

    Rhino as always
  7. Cool_dude

    Your favourite veichle in GTAVC?

    Dude like ur ideas but i prefer stinger cause tommy also jumps in it and it has a long bonnet
  8. Cool_dude

    What was your favorite mission?

    Mine would be the job
  9. Cool_dude

    Favorite clothing?

    i voted casual dude....
  10. Cool_dude

    Cool Screenshots

    Think ur's are cool
  11. Cool_dude

    TOXIC's Graphic Gallery

    HEy toxic i am new here and ur pics are rocking .i wanna a pic in which there is a secret agent and my name should be written at the bottom dont make it too much just a normal one will be cool btw u rock.ALL THE BEsT