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  1. DromeoStalker

    How I can spawn car i have downloaded?

    Take Img Tool, open gta3.img, find car files (well, taxi.dff & taxi.txd) and by command "change" change that 2 files.
  2. DromeoStalker

    How I can spawn car i have downloaded?

    Sorry, what means "SPAWN"?
  3. DromeoStalker

    Whats your favorite car?

    Zhiguli 2104!!!
  4. DromeoStalker

    [Q] How to add new CJ skin

    Well, it's almogt unpossible, but tomaats can change CJ skin in player.img. There are too lot of parts, but it's possible! s43.radikal.ru/i101/1004/93/7096c539aa7e.jpg :bashhead:
  5. DromeoStalker

    [Q] How to add new CJ skin

    No, it willn't help. That mod (new army man) not for CJ, it's for army men. You should replace files "army" in gta3.img archive, you can play that model only in multiplayer game. And you can't replace CJ, because it made of a lot of models (head, legs, hands...) By the way, you can replace all people by files army.dff & .txd look at this: :lolbounce: s56.radikal.ru/i154/1004/fa/a388cea488df.jpg
  6. DromeoStalker

    Post your desktop

  7. DromeoStalker

    Did you drive a train?

    Once i drive a metrotrain "Hedgehog" to dead end at station "D.Donskoy ave."! It's so cool!!!
  8. DromeoStalker

    Did you drive a train?

    It's my russian train http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Вагон_метро_81-740/741_«Русич» http://gtavicecity2010.at.ua/_fr/0/6414183.jpg
  9. DromeoStalker

    Did you drive a train?

    Here's the "Hedgehog": www.fotopapa.com/images/big/1114_sostav_iz_vagonov_tipa_ejem.jpg My dream to drive "Russich": news.metro.ru/13/fili_P1210107.jpg
  10. DromeoStalker


    By the way, CJ can get into OTHER parallel world from sport hall in Ganton. You should for it type ROCKETMAN and fly up near door. That world all black, on "floor" of this world there are only one PELLE! here are elce some screens: s001.radikal.ru/i195/1004/93/a67719ca682b.jpg i077.radikal.ru/1004/d9/5f80159af622.jpg i003.radikal.ru/1004/0b/8b595927afaa.jpg
  11. DromeoStalker


    s56.radikal.ru/i151/1004/2e/eda16ddb9561.jpg s002.radikal.ru/i198/1004/6d/f2081e92ed8a.jpg s61.radikal.ru/i171/1004/a9/e885576e6e97.jpg s58.radikal.ru/i159/1004/ee/fce75faf8e0b.jpg s39.radikal.ru/i085/1004/90/3987f10e5d26.jpg s44.radikal.ru/i106/1004/e2/4da348191db1.jpg
  12. DromeoStalker

    GTA San Andreas mysteries & myths !

    Anybody seen "Secret island"? I hear about it (it at ocean, south-east from Los santos), I try to found it, bu didn't found. But, at way to island i saw birds and planes! What can they do so far in ocean?
  13. DromeoStalker

    Did you drive a train?

    All the time? Oh, it's so hard to work without break)
  14. DromeoStalker

    GTA San Andreas mysteries & myths !

    thank you. by the way, one ghost "oceanic" up to this time stay in my park place Has anybody seen "deleted restaruant"?
  15. DromeoStalker

    My First Car!

    My first car is "UAZ 2741-braed")))
  16. DromeoStalker

    Favorite Radio Station

    We, russians, don't listen VCPR & Kchat. I like (no, i LOVE) Radio Espantoso!!! By the way, anybody know, really in VC two PEPEs (DJ on espantoso and kuban gangster)??? Or it's one human?
  17. DromeoStalker

    Favorite Vechile

    Hey, where's my green perennial???
  18. DromeoStalker


    I know all vc secret, an even "wild hardrobe" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVt1fkS6UGE
  19. DromeoStalker

    Your favourite veichle in GTAVC?

    I use Blue Perennial for city walking, Green Perennial if I going to KILL anyone...
  20. DromeoStalker

    Whats youre favorite secret ?

    Oh? in vice not many secrets. I found by myself secred "Wild Hardrobe" - In police department there are red hardrobe, that eats cops! Here you are the replay: webfile.ru/4354853 Other secrets: Metro in storm warning (lies) Get to closed part of city (true) Window picture at Vice point (true) Many cars in one garage (true) Black square (true - bug) Lance alive (I don't know, they say - true) Dinosaurs (lies) Strange room at cop department (true) Blood room (true) Soft palm (true) Football ball (true) Don't die in starfish water (true) UFO (lies) Dead DODO and 3 cop stars (true) Suicidal taxi driver (true) Save cars vith open doors (true)
  21. DromeoStalker

    whatever happend to Tommy Vercetti?

    Tommy go away to Liberty. But he come back in gta 5!
  22. DromeoStalker

    GTA San Andreas mysteries & myths !

    A saw "Ghost cars" in forest. What is ghost in them?
  23. DromeoStalker

    Favourite radio station?

    Double Cleff FM