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  1. Thanks TM and rockstarrem I think I also know you.
  2. Hey thanks allot. Let me know if you ever need skinning done
  3. Your not the only one who takes advantage of EMA. I have been going to collage over 2 months and I am starting to use all of my EMA. I want to get loads of stuff this year too. I just want to get loads of games so I can play every day!
  4. Shoreside Vale is the best, loads of things to do.
  5. Yes it not like its a major problem. He just needs to change some setting, and it will be ok.
  6. It could happen if you are using a xp version of gta sanandreas on vista.
  7. Hmm, If you look you will see that there is SA,LC,IV and VC in that banner. I think by now every one knows that person on the bike comes from gta iv. The banner would had looked messed if there was not blue glow, one side you tell me we need someting effective, and better then the banner at the moment, then you tell me we need charecters. When I add them you don't reconize them. So like what is going on, I made over 8 banners for differnt site, however I never got this many problems.
  8. I am not stopping you or anything, but don't you think you guys are ment to try something better then mines? By trying my idea, there will be no point because you both will look like clones, and aint we ment to try and come up with our own unique ideas? I think we should talk out some new ideas, so different attempts can be made.
  9. At least you know how hard it is, it took me one day and 6 hours. Its really hard adding characters when you know it will ruin the city. It was very difficult merging the city's, because it had all sorts of different colours. It took for ever to get the right colours, anyways yours looks very nice. Don't add any grudge effect, simplicity suits best, and besides "grude" effects are out of fashion.
  10. I made a edit the the old banner, for the news page. It would look like this on the main page. I think the banner looks good on the forum and the main page.
  11. Well that's impossible, because people are having trouble deciding that banner at the moment.
  12. I think the gta place banner should just remain the same till we dont get a response from the admin. There are alot of good banner's in this topic, however there are just 3 response from one admin. The first thing that should be decided is that are we making the banner for the main site or the forum. Another thing that we should consider is that, does the admin want to change the banner.
  13. Hey Thomas! I am glad you actually mentioned some bad points about my banner. The thing is when I first orignally fusned Vice City, Liberty City and San Andreas, the banner look awesome. I was wondering whether using cut outs (very simple and easy to do) will ruin th banner. So I thought, if I use cut outs like you, it will apear they are floating above the cities which would simply look random. Those boxes I have used, have actually been used in designs for GTA so I thought that adding those quirky boxes will give the banner a GTA theme. Thanks for the suggestions but I think the cuts out will not solve the problem of "floating characters." RC. PS: If the admins are interested, then I will remove the characters upon admin request.
  14. @ TM: Yea I know. I added scenes from Vice City, Liberty City and San Andreas. I also added three main characters. Like someone said, the site is called thegtaplace, so I made it to the requirements. You can tell from the banner, it isn't just a cut and paste job!
  15. I thought if the height is slightly increased then we can play around with the banner a bit more. So I made this new type of banner. A lot of websites are making "out-of-the-box" style banners, so I thought it would be nice to go along with the trend. This is what I came up with. I have made it with two types of background colours. One dark grey so it matches the background colour of the website. One light grey so it matches the forum background. I have vectorised all images used in the banner but due to the scale of the banner it isn't so obvious. Comments are welcome, but please be polite in your criticism! I also wanted to know your views on a banner with just scenes on it (no charcters). It would look like this if it was to be used: I think the banner would give the site a fresh feel, exactly what some of the members (they know who they are) have been discussing about.
  16. I have blending the backgrounds, there is a helicopter on top of a car on the gta places banner at the moment. Its just about the same.
  17. They are from vice city story, the are vic vance and lance.Have you got photo shop? If you want I will give you the psp version of it.
  18. I will go around and explore new features, but the very first thing that I will do is, go and beat someone up.
  19. Ok, I made another one, this time I made more space for more gta pictures, and there are some gta characters on it too. Once again I also have a PSP file of it, so edits can be made.
  20. OK, you know you said to include every game. The problem is all gta games dont have good pictures of buildings. Like gta vcs hardy have any pictures on city. Adding charecters would let the image quality down, you need to blend the charecters in with the rest of the pictures, and thats tuff. I will try.
  21. Thats a good idea, but I think we should not have the comments system, because people can leave rude messages. I dont thin a admin will like going around and removing then comments.
  22. Thank you, I made another banner, with the text changed. I made this one because some people had a problem with the old one. I am still not sure where the text should be, but I still have the PSP file so changes can be made. in my opinion the new banner looks better, and it took over 3 hours to find the right images. This one includes a fade.
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